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Article, audio link: More KPFK funny people-Phil Austin of Firesign Theatre passed


Comedian and writer Phil Austin, best known as a member of the surrealist comedy group Firesign Theater, passed away today at his home in Washington State. He was 74. Austin, who played detective Nick Danger in the radio noir parody The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, succumbed to various forms of cancer, according to fellow Firesign Phil Proctor.
Philip Proctor
Nick Danger has left the office.
Our dear friend and Firesign Theatre partner for over 50 years succumbed to various forms of cancer early this morning at his home on Fox Island, Washington, with his wife Oona and their six beloved dogs at his side. It is a tremendous and unexpected loss, and we will miss him greatly; but in keeping with his wishes, there will be no public memorial.
Rest in Peace, Regnad Kcin.

Austin was born in Denver, Colorado grew up in Fresno, California, and attended Bowdoin College and UCLA. While working at KPFK radio in Los Angeles in 1966, he met Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Philip Proctor. The began broadcasting a weekly radio program, Radio Free Oz, and as the Firesign Theater went on to record such classic albums as I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus and How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You’re Not Anywhere At All?

Austin Powers. Phil Austin, a founding member of the Firesign Theatre satirical comedy troupe, died June 19, 2015, of cardiac arrest following a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 75. His most popular character was Nick Danger, a zany detective with the mysterious power of a third eye.
Born in Denver, Austin grew up in Fresno and studied drama at Fresno State and UCLA. He began performing in plays and in 1966 appeared with fellow actor Philip Proctor and documentary filmmaker David Ossman on Radio Free Oz, Peter Bergman’s late-night talk program on KPFK. The four began doing improvisational comedy.
After several more radio appearances, they became the Firesign Theatre and started performing at local clubs such as the Ash Grove and the Magic Mushroom. They landed a recording contract with Columbia and eventually released more than 20 albums for various labels. Eight of those albums appeared on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. The biggest wasI Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus, which reached #50 in 1971.
In 1967, Radio Free Oz moved to KRLA, where it aired on Sunday nights in 1967 and to KMET in 1968. The troupe starred in The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour on KPPC in 1969. They returned to KPFK in 1970 with a short-lived weekly comedy program titled Dear Friends. The best segments were released on an album. During the 1980 Presidential race, the troupe’s satirical political commentaries were heard on NPR.  The Firesign Theatre also released four books and starred in 16 films. (Written by Steve Thompson, LARadio Rewind)

Articles, with Audio Links: KPFK’s funny people


This article is not by me but by ‘Adams’

Gregg A. Roebuck
Novermber 23, 1943 – May 31, 2015

Joe and               GreggGregg and I met during the Old Radio Marathon at KPFK-FM in Los Angeles in March of 1972. We had come in to answer phones for pledges and wound up on the air that night through Nightangels with Rick Bralver. Within the week we were asked to gone on air with “Jason B. Good” and Phil Tuttle as the Heavenly Miracle Air Eperiment, Sunday nights, Midnight to 6am. Over the next few weeks it became clear that Gregg and I were going to be doing a show for the 2nd half of the shift, so – for various reasons – we called ourselves the Sunday Gummies fora few months. The name stuck.

David Arias, Barbara Branson and “Cheryl” (whose last name I have forgotten) joined us from time to time, as did Bruce Gossand, Ed Hammond, Peter Lert and other people from the station dropped buy. We dropped Sunday Gummies, preferring to perform as Adams & Roebuck, but would be remembered as “Gummies” for many decades with station staff. Jack Garriss, an on-air guru with a show early Sunday Mornings, came in early one week, went on air with us and announced “When I am looks for Bliss, I look under B in the yellow pages”. Some of our shows were just bizarre – even to us. The LA Weekly News gave us a review that said, “They make Sunday morning coming down a joy.” We set up a network of stations and syndicated a half hour version of the Adams and Roebuck show through underground stations including Pacifica stations KPFK and KPFA, KBOO in Portland, KTOO in Anchorage, KRAB in Seattle, KAOS in Olympia, and a couple of stations in the midwest, KOPN in Columbia, WYSO in Yellow Springs in Ohio, and a few whose call letters I have forgotten. We stayed on KPFK until 1977, evolving from Heavenly Miracle Air Experiment, the Sunday Gummies (and sometimes Monday Gummies), to Adams and Roebuck.

kpfkGregg forbidden zone

KPFK Local Station Board election schedule 6/15; Job Description 2007


2015 Election Calendar

Save the dates and mark your calendars for these important election dates.

Candidate Nominations Open: June 15th
Candidate Nominations Close: July 14th

Voter Date of Record: July 14th
You must be a member of Pacifica by this date to be eligible to vote. ($25+)


Ballots Mailed/Online Voting Begins: August 29th
Ballot Return Deadline/Online Voting Ends: October 22nd

Ballot Count & Election Certification: November 6th*
*if a station does not meet the required quorum, this date may be extended by up to 4 weeks


2007 KPFK Election Notice and Candidate Documents
Shorter version
If you or a friend may be interested in serving on the Local Station Board, please feel free to contact your Local Election Supervisor to get the information necessary to become an LSB candidate.

Candidacy materials are also available on the www.pacificafoundation/elections website. Be sure to register with your Local Election Supervisor to learn about upcoming candidate events.
Pacifica Network is the only U.S. radio network with a democratically-elected governance structure. Our noncommercial broadcasting is Listener-supported, and supported as well by more than 1000 staff members nationwide, most of them unpaid staff. This network has survived McCarthyite repression, investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee, and attacks from reactionary forces in this country.
The network is independent of government and corporate control, and thus is able to present unfettered public affairs programming as well as programs on music, the arts and humanities which are diverse and multi-cultural instead of profit driven.
This important network needs the support of all its listeners as never before. One part of that support is to become involved with the election of the Local Station Boards of each station.

Local Station Boards have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Actively reaching out to under-represented communities to help the station serve a diversity of all races, creeds, colors and nations, classes, genders and sexual orientations and ages. The Local Station Board is also directed to help build collaborative relations with organizations working for similar purposes.
  • Assisting the station in fundraising activities.
  • Conducting at least 2 Town Hall style meetings each year. These are devoted to hearing listeners’ views, needs, and concerns. Performing community needs assessments, or seeing to it that separate “Community Advisory Committees” are formed to do so.
  • Working with station management to ensure that station programming fulfills the purposes of the Foundation and is responsive to the diverse needs of the listeners (demographic) and communities (geographic) served by the station, and that station policies and procedures for making programming decisions and for program evaluation are working in a fair, collaborative and respectful manner to provide quality programming.
  • Reviewing and approving the radio station’s budget.
  • Screening and selecting a pool of candidates for the position of Program Director at each radio station. The General Manager must make a hire from this pool of candidates.
  • Writing annual evaluations on the job performances of the radio station’s General Manager and Program Director.
  • Screening and selecting a pool of candidates for the position of General Manager from which the Pacifica Foundation Executive Director (ED) must hire.
  • Ensuring that the station works diligently towards the goal of diversity in staffing at all levels and maintenance of a discrimination-free atmosphere in the workplace.

These Local Station Boards also have the following national responsibilities:

  • Electing 4 members to serve as directors of the Pacifica Foundation which manages the radio stations in New York, Washington, D.C., Houston, Los Angeles and Berkeley. The Local Station Board can recall these Foundation directors by a 2/3 vote.
  • The Local Station Board also appoints from its own membership representatives to serve on the committees of the National Foundation which review finances, programming, governance and other matters essential to the operation of the network.

Each individual member of a Local Station Board should expect to attend monthly board meetings and actively serve on Local Station Board committees.
If you are interested in running for these boards, or know folks who you feel would add to the quality of your station by being on the Local Station Board, you should note the following summary timetable for the elections.

KPFK, Pacifica, informative, and some embarrassing articles


KPFK LSB committees members


By a loyal Volunteer:
Just wanted to remind folk that ANYONE can attend and JOIN any LSB committee.  You do NOT need to be an elected LSB member to be invited to join the membership of a committee.
Committee membership is regulated by the chair and LSB member of the given committee.
The easiest way to join a committee is to attend the very first committee meeting after the beginning of a new calendar year.
A Volunteer asked me about this the other day so it occurred to me that we need to remind listeners and staff members that they can attend, and often join any LSB committee.
The next Finance Committee meeting is at the station at 7:00pm on Tuesday the 16th.


KPFK’s Program Grid, 6/2/15, the whole thing at this time


This is now, it’s always subject to change-

6-2-15 sched: I sort of got it to appear here:

Anyway the link is:

The Car Show

Middle East In Focus

1 PM

KPFK 2015 Schedule

Note: Schedule subject to change without notice

AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday AM
6 AM Democracy Now!
A national, daily, listener-sponsored, news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pacifica Radio’s flagship program.

Roots Music And Beyond

Rotating Hosts

Edna Tatum’s Gospel Classics
Gil Fears
6 AM
6:30 6:30
7 AM Morning Review 7 – 8 am 7 AM
7:30 Connect The Dots
Lila Garrett
Sojourner Truth
with Margaret Prescod
8 AM Uprising!
News and Public Affairs with Sonali Kolhatkar
Liberated Sisters
Alan Watts 8 AM
8:30 or

Think Outside The Cage

Anti-War Radio
Scott Horton
9 AM Democracy Now!
Current Affairs with Pacifica Host Amy Goodman
Rebroadcast of the 6 am Program
Hutchinson Report
Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Economic Update
Richard Wolff
9 AM
9:30 9:30
10 AM Letters and Politics

Mitch Jeserich

The Michael Slate Show Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Politics Or Pedagogy
World Focus
Blase Bonpane
10 AM
11 AM The Global Village
Music From Around The World and Around the Block
11 am – 1 pm
Freedom Now

Ian Masters
11 AM
Noon Derek Rath Betto Arcos Yatrika

Spotlight Africa The Insighters
Maria Armoudian
12:30 12:30
PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday PM
1 PM
Community Calendar 12:57 to 1:00 pm M – F
Inner Vision
Meri Ka Ra/Brother Yaw
Inner Vision

with Nita Vallens

The Aware Show
withLisa Garr
The Aware Show
withLisa Garr
Of Transformation

Michael Beckwith
1:30 Access College 1:30
2 PM Thom Hartmann
Due to licensing issues we do not archive this program
Thom Hartmann
Due to licensing issues we do not archive this program
Arts in Review with Julio Martinez

Pacifica Performance Showcase

Rhapsody In Black

with Bill Gardner

Reggae Central
Chuck Foster
2 PM
2:30 2:30
3 PM Deadline LA

SWANA Region Radio

Feminist Magazine The BradCast
with Brad Friedman
The Lawyers Guild
Jim Lafferty
Jimmy Dore Rhapsody In Black (cont) 3 PM
3:30 3:30
4 PM Strategy Session
Antonio Gonzalez
Voices from the Frontline
Eric Mann
Jon Wiener Truthdig Radio Pocho Hour of Power Afro-Dicia
D.J. Nnamdi
Melting Pot with
Michael Barnes
4 PM
4:30 4:30
5 PM Background Briefing – Ian Masters Beneath The Surface
Suzi Weissman
5 PM
5:57pm Community Calendar (Rebroadcast from 12:57 pm) 5:57pm
PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday PM
6:00 Pacifica News *Canto Sin Fronteras
Tanya Torres
Folk Scene
Roz Larman
6:30 Evening Public Affairs 7 – 9 pm Re:Work formerly
Labor Review
7 PM

Beautiful Struggle/

Beautiful Struggle Collective

Digital Village
L.A Theater Works Alternating:
SoulRebel Radio –David Feldman
7:30 On Resistace Radio
7 PM
8:00 Flip The Script
riKu Matsuda

American Indian Airwaves
LA Review of Books Temple Of Hip-Hop

The John-Leslie Brown Show

*Canto Tropical

Kathy Diaz


Barry Smolin
8:30 Indy Media on Air Treasures Of The West / 
Poet’s Cafe
9 PM Programas En Español

Informativo Pacifica 9 – 9:30

9 PM
9:30 Perspectiva de las Americas Voces de Libertad Contragolpe
Ruben Luengas
Nuestra Voz 9:30
10:00 One Track Mind
Kristi Lomax

Travel Tips for Aztlan 

Mark Torres
Adventures In Stereo with J.Rocc 10:00
Contacto Ancestral

Insurgencia Femenina Encuentros
Gregorio Luke
11 PM Suplemento Comunitario Noticiero Pacifica Enfoque Latino 11 PM
11:30 Caminando por Mesoamerica Centroamerica Sin Censura Noticiero Pacifica Líneas abiertas 11:30
AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday AM

Something’s Happening with Roy of Hollywood

Information on the Cutting Edge
Mon – Thurs Midnight – 6 AM

Truth Seekas
DJ Santana
My Side Of The City
Steve Martín


Mark Maxwell

12:30 Spoken arts on human potential, spirituality, creativity.

(First Mondays are old time radio nights) plus Thom Hartmann Program

Spoken Arts on Health, Psychology, plus Thom Hartmann Program and public affairs.DogNoir
Dave Emory’s ‘For the Record,’
Eben Rey’s “Project Next,” politics, public affairs, news from the future, plus Thom Hartmann Program.
Alan Watts, Shinzen Young, Jack Gariss, Krishnamurti, Caroline Casey.

(First Thursday nights are women’s nights)
plus Thom Hartmann Program.

1 AM Breakbeats

and Rhymes

1 AM
2 AM Soundwaves
Abraham Beltan
2 AM
3 AM Stairway To Heaven
Teddy Angelo
3 AM
4 AM
Aziatic Rhythmz
5 AM 5 AM
5:30 Counterspin


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Schedule Guide: Music Programming Health & Spirituality En Español
This Schedule Subject To Change Without Notice

Shows currently on Hiatus: Free Forum with Terry McNally
Explorations, Ring Of Fire RadioAxis Of Justice Radio, Bibliocracy

Experience Talks also hosts their own weekly podcasts [ here ]

Online Programming –
Bike Talk
 Feel, Think and Grow Show
GoHarrison w/Harrison
The Out Agenda
Ukulele Spotlight
Samm Brown’s For The Record

KPFK’s Something’s Happening show with Roy of Hollywood


The Something’s Happening, Roy of Hollywood show, the highest-moneymaking, in the country, highest-audience from midnight to 6 am show, (except maybe Coast to Coast), on KPFK for 43 years, bringing a full-featured selection of material from political to health and spirituality, women’s issues, old radio and more.  He usually plays Thom Hartmann with Bernie Sanders from 4-6 am.

Here’s a very brief listing:

Spoken arts on human potential, spirituality, creativity.

(First Mondays are old time radio nights) plus Thom Hartmann Program

Spoken Arts on Health, Psychology, plus Thom Hartmann Program and public affairs.DogNoir
Dave Emory’s ‘For the Record,’
Eben Rey’s “Project Next,” politics, public affairs, news from the future, plus Thom Hartmann Program.
Alan Watts, Shinzen Young, Jack Gariss, Krishnamurti, Caroline Casey.

(First Thursday nights are women’s nights)
plus Thom Hartmann Program.

1 AM

Pictured on left in 1985 KPFK paper Folio/program guide.

kpfk85stafffolio (2)


Roy & Elliot Mintz, who had a great ’60s show with Roy and called Tehran and spoke to the takers of the embassy.  See article on Mintz.

KPFK’s, KPFA’s Sonali Kolhatkar, Uprising Show


“Your recent interview with Selma James was wonderful. Every progressive needs to hear what she has to say. Google CLR James for interesting history about the Caribbean everyone.”

Uprising is a daily news program produced at KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles. We cover hard news and politics from an unabashedly progressive perspective….
“I was just nominated for the fourth year in a row for best Radio Anchor at the LA Press Club Awards – fourth time’s a charm? Also, for the first time, Best radio Talk/Public Affairs, and most excitingly, Best TV Anchor. More nominations still to be announced….”…/Docum…/SoCal_Finalists_2015.pdf

Pacifica subcarriers were deregulated in 1983


When the subcarriers were deregulated in 1983, ours were marketed and leased for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Subsidiary Communications Authorization” is the United States Federal Communications Commission‘s official designation for this type of service. SCA was deregulated in 1983; since then, both AM and FM licensed broadcast stations have been allowed to use subcarriers in the United States in general without requiring separate authority; authorization is only required for some uses which are still otherwise regulated, such as common carrier or Land Mobile Radio Service transmissions.[1] The fidelity (bandwidth) of SCA channels on FM is generally quite limited compared to that of the main program material.”Kpfktransmitter99%

This money went and goes, to our Foundation.

KPFK’s Lila Garrett (Connect the Dots show) background

Anne Meara and I won the Writers Guild Award together in 1983 for a TV movie called THE OTHER WOMAN. We not only co-wrote it, I produced it and Anne starred in it. She was “the other woman”. it was a romantic comedy in which Hal Linden, a man in his 50s marries a girl in her 20’s. They have so little in common he takes on a mistress his own age. Anne! It was a delightful romantic comedy, one of my favorite projects of all time. Later I directed her in ARCHIE BUNKER’S PLACE, (with Carol O’Connor) her first episode in that series. Great again! We remained close friends. Anne made everyone’s life richer. She had a great sense of humor, not only about the world, but about herself. She was a rare woman, loved by all who knew her. Good night sweet Anne. Lila
[Lila wrote for Hollywood and even for ‘toons.]

(Friends, feel free to share.)

Lila Garrett's photo.

Monday morning at 7-8AM tune in (KPFK 90.7 fm)
or log on:

We acknowledge Memorial Day with a look at America’s ever expanding arms industry. Then we look at the good news….the expanding grassroots action against corporate takeover.

ROBERT WEISSMAN, President of the progressive Public Citizen opposing Fast Track, the TPP Trans (Pacfic Partnership) plus the movement to end dark money in politics.

RICK MANNING, President of the conservative
“Am. for Limited Government”, also in opposition to Fast Track and the TPP, but for different reasons.

TODD DARLING, Producer/Director of the new documentary OCCUPY THE FARM on the urban food justice revolution by the grassroots vs. the food takeover by Monsanto, GMOs & uncontrolled industrial farming.

Lila Garrett (Host of CONNECT THE DOTS)
KPFK 90.7 FM in LA; 98.7 Santa Barbara; 93.7 San Diego;
99.5 China Lake
Link to my program page…/programs/67-connect-the-dots-with-lil…
Link to my podcasts
Each show is online for three months.


KPFK pending Local Station Board elections start June 15, ’15


Zuberi is ex officio as iGM, John P Garry is non-voting as secretary. Tej Grewall (staff) is chair, Jim Lafferty (staff) is vice-chair. I [Michael Novick] am treasurer. John Wenger, the longest currently serving member will term out in august and be replaced by one of the runners-up from the 2010 election (last one that achieved quorum). Elections will begin approximately June 15 with opening of nominations. Date of record for membership and close of nomination period is July 14. Candidates will be certified and campaign will begin by some time in August, we will be using e-voting this time to economize. The entire board is up for election this time, 18 listener and 6 staff seats because there was no quorum in 2012 and no election in 2013. So we will elect 8 listeners to a 3 yr term and 8 to a 1 year term (and have another election next year); ditto 3 staff to a 3 yr term and 3 to a 1yr term, with another election next year.

Correction: We will elect 9 listeners to one year terms, and 9 to three-year terms, not 8 each as I wrote in the original message (9+9=18 total listeners+6 total staff+24 members of LSB). Sorry, please correct it if you forward

On 14 May 2015 at 16:22, Michael Novick wrote:

Available among other places at, if you click on the date of the meeting on the monthly calendar, you can click on a link to committee members:

Chuck AndersonKPFK,Ankine AntaramKPFK staff, Rodrigo ArguetaKPFK staff, Fred BlairKPFK, Lydia BrazonKPFK, Steven BrooksKPFK, Christopher CondonKPFK, John CromshowKPFK staff, Anyel Zuberi FieldsKPFK, Luis Garcia y AyvensKPFK, John P. Garry III SecretarynonvoteKPFK, Aryana GladneyKPFK, Tej GrewallKPFK staff, Kim KaufmanKPFK, Fred KlunderKPFK, Jim LaffertyKPFK staff, Chipasha LuchembeKPFK, Brenda MedinaKPFK, Dutch MerrickKPFK, Michael NovickKPFK, John ParkerKPFK, Steve PrideKPFK staff, Lawrence ReyesKPFK, Ron SpriestersbachKPFK, John WengerKPFK, Lamont YeakeyKPFK

KPFK Manager


I have to say I’m appalled by the letting go of the manager at KPFK.  It’s not appropriate for this blog.  If you want further info please email me at
We toasted Zuberi Fields iGM on his departure, faces blurred because I don’t have their permissions now.
There were lots more but I couldn’t get everyone in to this picture, or this room.


Audio: KPFK’s Elliot Mintz, etc. Pacifica Radio Archives highlights


This week on From the Vault, we present highlights from the Pacifica Radio Archives 12 Annual National Broadcast on November 19th and 20th 2013. Live guests include Comedian Lily Tomlin, Media consultant Elliot Mintz, Truth Dig’s Robert Scheer, audio from Howard Zinn, Nuyorican Cafe Co-founder Reverend Pedro Pietri, Dr. Helen Caldicott,  Michio Kaku.

Pacifica Radio Archives
3729 Cahuenga Boulevard West
North Hollywood, CA 91604
Phone: 818-506-1077 or 800-735-0230
Fax: 818-506-1084 Shawn Dellis
800-735-0230 x 261 – See more at:

Notes: There are 4 main segments highlights in this program:

Elliott Mintz, legendary underground late-night host in the ’60s & early ’70s, on KPFK’s Something’s Happening, about calling to Embassy in Tehran to the kidnappers during the Iran Hostage Crisis, John & Yoko, and the times.  He is known for his work on The U.S. vs. John Lennon (2006), Headshop (1971) and Imagine: John Lennon (1988).  In the 1970s he became a spokesperson for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and took on many other A-list musicians and actors as clients. On KPFK he spoke to the ’60s youth and their issues.


Link & Article-KPFK’s host & activist Margaret Prescod-Sojourner Truth show


Excerpt:  News / World

How the ‘Grim Sleeper’ got away with killing L.A.’s black women

A former garbage collector, Lonnie Franklin Jr., goes on trial in June for 10 murders. But did the Grim Sleeper kill even more?

It took 30 years before America woke up to what Margaret Prescod was yelling about.

For three decades, the black activist had been raising the alarm that someone was killing black women in South Central Los Angeles and no one listened — not police, not prosecutors, not anybody in power.

At local rallies and protests, Prescod had screamed

“Black lives matter” decades before a police officer shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., last year, and before teenager Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a white man in Florida in 2012.

Prescod estimates at least 200 African-American women are missing and as many as 100 have been killed on the streets of South Central, an impoverished, gang-ridden part of Los Angeles.

Outrage erupted in the black community when it was rumoured police had labelled the crimes as NHI — “no humans involved.”

“This is a community of colour. A mainly black community, increasingly Latino, but certainly when these murders began it was a predominantly black neighbourhood,” says Prescod.

Women's rights activist Margaret Prescod seen at a 2008 news conference. She campaigned for years for authorities to do more to find the Grim Sleeper.


Women’s rights activist Margaret Prescod seen at a 2008 news conference. She campaigned for years for authorities to do more to find the Grim Sleeper.

“There was, recently, a young white West Virginian college student who went missing and I can tell you, there were daily updates on Google News, on all the major media outlets about her. But how is it possible that you can have this many women missing in South Central L.A., in a relatively small area, and it seems not to matter?” Prescod says.

“I’m not putting down the investigation on the white West Virginian woman. She had a right to that. But so did these women. . . . These women weren’t all school teachers or nurses. The mantle of respectability was kind of ripped off, but what does that matter? These are someone’s daughters and sisters.”

Link & current KPFK Dispatch by email


Current address to see and/or join email blast:

90.7 FM Los Angeles
98.7 FM Santa Barbara
93.7 FM N. San Diego
99.5 FM Ridgecrest
The KPFK Dispatch

Democracy Now!: Yemen: Saudi-Led Strikes Continue amid “Catastrophic” Situation
Warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition struck the Yemeni cities of Aden and Ibb early today despite a previous claim by Riyadh that it had ended its nearly month-long operation. Saudi officials said Wednesday they will limit their military role in Yemen but continue to respond to Houthi attacks. Human Rights Watch, meanwhile, reports Saudi Arabia appears to have deliberately bombed a humanitarian aid warehouse run by Oxfam that contained supplies to facilitate access to clean water for thousands of households. The International Committee of the Red Cross has warned the humanitarian situation in Yemen is “catastrophic.” Click here for the listen to the program

This is an eco-friendly, water conserving car wash. We’re using a high quality, BonAire non-wasteful hose nozzle and will of course be careful with our precious water. And remember that dozens of cars getting washed in one location is better than individual home washing!Together we’ll be keeping your machine clean and keeping the brilliant shine of people powered radio on the air and online.

This Sudsy Saturday special benefit will also feature a live broadcast starting at 1PM with (what else?) the “Car Show” with Art Gould and Dave Kunz, followed at 2PM by Bill Gardner who’ll be revving up “Rhapsody in Black.”

Plus we’ll have a guitar signed by all the members of Los Lobos that we’ll be raffling off and special guests will be dropping by and driving through.
So tune in to 90.7 FM or cruise down to 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West in North Hollywood on Saturday, April 25th from 12:30 to 4:30pm in the KPFK parking lot for the KPFK Car Wash Fundraiser!
Cleaning products are being supplied by the Amazing Mother’s Car Care Company!

Thanks to the California Car Cover Co for supplying the BonAire Nozzle!

Drop off your old TV, Computer or other eligible electronic device while you are here! Bring us your old, broken and outdated: TV’s VCR’s / DVD players, Computers, Ink Cartridges, Laptops Radios, Monitors, Stereos, Holiday Lights, Cell Phones, Printers, Small Electric Appliances, Game Consoles, Fax Machines, Ink Cartridges, CD’s w/o the Cases.

When you think about celebrating Earth Week, KPFK hopes you’re thinking of ways that you can reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Did you know that millions of tons of iron and steel enters the recycling stream because of how easy it is to separate from other materials? When you decide to donate your car, you’re not only doing something great KPFK, but you’re helping to take a car (or other vehicle) that may be producing harmful emissions off the road and into the steel recycling process. Click here for more information

TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER is a shocking investigation of Lonnie Franklin Jr., arrested in 2010 as the alleged perpetrator of a 25-year killing spree in South Central Los Angeles in which he may have murdered more than 100 victims – most of them young, African-American women marginalized by addiction and poverty. Critically acclaimed documentarian Nick Broomfield reveals the lack of action by the Los Angeles police force, who found the link between Franklin and the murders not through painstaking detective work, but by accident, and gives voice to a neglected community that has survived despite the odds, ultimately conveying a sense of grave injustice that extends well beyond this case. KPFK will host a free screening the premier night of April 27 with Margaret Prescod and Nick Broomfield.

When you decide to donate your car, you’re not only doing something great KPFK, but you’re helping to take a car (or other vehicle) that may be producing harmful emissions off the road and into the steel recycling process. Click here for more information

The John-Leslie Brown Show

John-Leslie Brown, the son of the world renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown will be hosting a new talk radio show on KPFK. Tonight from 8-10PM. John-Leslie Brown is a highly sought after motivational speaker and Hip Hop artist with a unique ability to deliver life changing and passionate messages of inspiration which transcend cultural and generational boundaries.

The John-Leslie Brown Show is a high energy upbeat and uplifting radio show that combines passionate public speaking with a unique style of Hip Hop Music. This show will not only play the type of music that will move you, it is custom designed to inspire you to maximize your skills, talents and abilities. John-Leslie will fill the airwaves with insightful interviews from new artists & premier new content with some of the most influential voices of our time. With listener support, this show will bridge the communication gap between the leaders from yesterday and the new leaders of today. Tune in tonight at 8PM
KPFK’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) is the local group mandated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting charged with assessing and reporting the needs of the community served by KPFK to the governing board and management of KPFK.

The purpose of the needs assessment is to help inform the governing board and the station management about ways our community radio broadcast can better serve the community through programming. Members are appointed by the Local Station Board, but participation is open to all community members. Meetings are held at least quarterly and often monthly at the radio station or in a neighborhood of our signal area. Meetings are noticed two weeks in advance of the meeting date, and are open to the public.

KPFK’s Community Advisory Board meets on Saturday, May 2, 2015 11:30 AM PT and is open to the public.  For more information about CAB email Dave at

Location:  3729 Cahuenga Blvd West, North Hollywood, CA 91604
Posted Wednesday, April 8, 2015
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Community Resources

KPFK depends greatly on the generosity of its listeners and supporters please consider making a donation today to help preserve your community radio station at

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Some of Why KPFK made less money since 2007


Rebel Radio Station KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles Fights to Stay On the Air-  Gabriel San Roman, former producer for Uprising, wrote in the OC Weekly:

Excerpts:  ….”With Dubya in the White House in 2005 and U.S. ground troops occupying Iraq, the political left flooded the streets in protest. KPFK’s anti-war bent stood out in a media landscape too busy genuflecting before a modern-day Moloch demanding sacrifices of youth on the battlefield.”….
….”The economic devastation has listeners looking for alternatives and KPFK is trying to find new ways of being able to stay on-air to deliver them. Just like the anti-war movement energized the station ten years ago, the current moment holds the possibility of it connecting with the disaffected.”….

KPFK’s CAB, Community Advisory Board


KPFK’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) is the local group mandated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting charged with assessing and reporting the needs of the community served by KPFK to the governing board and management of KPFK.  The purpose of the needs assessment is to help inform the governing board and the station management about ways our community radio broadcast can better serve the community through programming. Members are appointed by the Local Station Board, but participation is open to all community members. Meetings are held at least quarterly and often monthly at the radio station or in a neighborhood of our signal area. Meetings are noticed two weeks in advance of the meeting date, and are open to the public.  KPFK’s Community Advisory Board meets on Saturday, May 2, 2015 11:30 AM PT and is open to the public.  For more information about CAB email Dave at cab@kfpk.orgkpfkbldgbetter

Financial info-Please support KPFK Los Angeles’ Emergency FunDrive 1 Week only


Average Monthly Costs: These are very close estimates based upon the past 5 months

Personnel Costs                 $150,000

Utilities $11,900

Telecom Services (internet, phone, ISDN) $14,532

Maintenance (we have been deferring a lot of maint. these past 5 mos) $2,100

Credit Card Fees (processing and return fees) $5,300

Thank You Gifts $44,000

Pacifica Radio Archive Services $4910

National Office Central Services $36,800

Postage and related expenses $4780

Average monthly cost to fund the station $307,700

It costs us over $7 a minute just to be on the air.  Doesn’t sound like much?

Well that’s over $10, 000 a day ($10,086.47 to be exact)

Over $ 70, 600 a week

Over $ 307, 000 a month

Video: Mark Torres, also of Pacifica Radio Archives, show on KPFK, shows Master Control


15:41   Rough Church is the band

On the mikes after the performance Greg Franco,Kaitlin Wolfberg, Fredo Ortiz, Carey Fosse, Jose Esquivel, Tracy H-ill on Mark Torres‘ show. And Dante Pascuzzo and Manny’s Estudio

And shows Studios B and C

Travel Tips for Aztlan, music show, Saturday nights at 10:00 pm

Editorial: Essay by a friend of KPFK & response


“21 March 2015 On KPFK and Pacifica
(about 4 pages)
Report: Critics advocate just letting the venerable Pacifica Foundation lapse into bankruptcy.

Below are some of my musings, taken from a private e-mail to a KPFK activist of long standing.I am a marginal KPFKer (although I do send them a little money monthly and listen to Ian Masters and a few other things somewhat sporadically). So my ideas may be ignorant or less than fully informed. But I have an idea and a question that may interest you. First the question:

Could (and I mean ‘is it financially and legally possible for’) KPFK [to] separate itself from Pacifica and own and operate the station independently, as an LA based foundation? I have gotten the impression in recent years that Pacifica Foundation has been overrun by people who have no realistic understanding of what it really takes to operate a public media resource. Maybe divorce is the best course of action. It’s pretty obvious, though, that this could well be either legally or financially completely impossible (or both). Ironically, the situation, from my outsider perspective, looks the opposite with regard to KPFA, where it was the relative sanity of Pacifica that had to deal with local lunatics who literally wrested physical control of the station, Cuba revolution style, despite having been voted out of power. (Do I have that right?) That kinda thing just won’t work in 21st Century corporate America. They’ll send in cops and take it back, eventually. And once that happens, it will be lost forever. *
And my other idea is this. We live in an oligarchy. We all know this. The rich control the resources, and without them, ordinary people have to struggle valiantly but will often lose anyway. As it applies to electronic media: but for the Joan B. Kroc Fellowship (you know, the one that created a nation of McRadio Stations), NPR probably would have been totally eviscerated by the Republicans and by its own special brand of infighting over scarce resources (instead of becoming simply a fourth mainstream propaganda outlet with all of her money, to which I imagine very significant strings were attached). (Personal note: I used to listen to NPR. Now, apart from “Wait, Wait, don’t tell me,” which I sometimes leave on on a Saturday morning, I can’t abide them. I haven’t sat through an entire hour of Morning Edition or ATC, even when traveling where there was nothing else on the car radio but Top 40, in years and years. Even Teri Gross is too much for me. It’s the sanctimony, partly, not to mention the CNN-like refusal to actually confront issues or call out lies. Even MSNBC does a better job).
So what about appealing to people like Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, hell, even George Lucas or David Geffen, to endow a reorganized and rationalized Pacifica foundation? It seems that the community funding model is finally failing, in this age of the disappeared middle class. There are a lot of relatively Progressive, very rich people in Siliconia and the LA Film/TV world. Some of these people, like Spielberg & Geffen who tried mightily to save the LA Times only to be outbid by a crooked and evil corporate raider (Sam Zell)– who would love to have some kind of public affairs legacy permanently associated with their name. Even if it meant calling it the Lucas Pacifica Foundation or some other horror. Might have to swallow that. If, and only if, actual independence could be written into the deal.

It would be a terrible tragedy to see Pacifica, and especially KPFK, lost to the media raptors. I’m sure Comcast would love to have a 100,000 watt FM station in L.A. But the current situation is so clearly unsustainable that people are going to have to sacrifice some sacred cows and make some major changes if the institution is to survive. One of those sacred cows could be the cumbersome governance, and another may be that there would have to be a somewhat more uniform standard of professionalism and “objectivity.” I know that’s a landmine, but the fact is that many people perceive KPFK and especially KPFA to be powerful radio stations mostly dominated by people in the near lunatic fringe. My experience is that that is far from true (usually), but that IS a common perception among the hordes of Hillary supporter types. And they MUST be part of KPFK’s audience or the station can’t survive.

BTW, requiring quota of returned listener ballots is NOT efficient governance. I would suggest democratic election of a board by the volunteers, which could be anyone who ASKS to be included; and the winners would be determined by straightforward vote counts, not complicated formulas no one understands and which cause people to just not vote so that particular motivated interests get undue representation.”

* my response: ‘

I’m not sure which struggle you’re referring to when you said that ‘Pacifica’ wrested back physical control of KPFA.
In the most recent struggle, last St. Patrick’s day, a year ago, the fired exec. dir. occupied the National office using bolt cutters.
There is a contentious and very narrow margin of control of the Pacifica National Board.  Close to half support each side and claim legitimacy of control.
So which side do you mean by Pacifica and by ‘local’.
I have always urged that National control should be limited to almost nothing, without affect.
Maybe things are so dire now that something will happen, but I don’t know what.
We need a Gorbachev maybe.’ Sue Cohen Johnson
Bates, Minsky, LePique

KPFK’s computer show moves to 7 pm, Wed.

Digital Village debuts it new time slot @ 7:00PM Tonight! Join Ric Allan, Doran Barons & Brittney Gallagher (fresh from SXSW) for the latest in cyber news and culture. Live on KPFK, 90.7FM Los Angeles and streaming from
Digital Village is the weekly radio program about Computers and Internet Culture which airs Wednesday evenings at 7:00

Video of Play: Richard Montoya writer of “Chavez Ravine”


Richard Montoya of Culture Clash, writer of “Chavez Ravine”‘s latest playkpfkrichardmontoya

“L.A. Times Theater that matters
June 6, 2004
How an L.A. Times article on Latino theater in Los Angeles could omit the work of the nation’s top Chicano/ Latino theater troupe and its landmark work, “Chavez Ravine,” at the Mark Taper Forum is confounding (“It’s Still All Work, No Play,” May 23). Culture Clash should be a Los Angeles treasure. If [Ricardo Montalban Foundation head] Jerry Velasco and [playwright-director] Luis Valdez had seen “Chavez Ravine” at the Mark Taper Forum, they would have seen a theater troupe in touch with its audience, a troupe and a theater in touch with their city and the building of that city that is L.A. “Chavez Ravine” was that rare Chicano play that transcended “Latino theater” while maintaining its barrio worldview.”
Part of “Chavez Ravine”:

KPFK frequent guest Erwin Chemerinsky


Today/Wed 4-5pm on 90.7FM, streaming on CHEMERINSKY says the Roberts Court’s conservative agenda is well known—but nothing new. The Supreme Court has largely failed throughout American history at its most important tasks and at the most important times. Erwin is founding dean of the law school at UC Irvine; his new book is The Case Against the Supreme Court.kpfkchemerinsky

KPFK plays D.T. Suzuki

'Which do you think it is?  #Liars'
  • In accordance with restrictions specified in this section, the following synthetic substances may be used in organic crop production: Provided, That, use of such substances do not contribute to contamination of crops, soil, or water. Substances allowed by this section, except disinfectants and sanit…

Frances Moore Lappe introduced by Sonali Kolhatkar



Sonali introduces Frances Moore Lappe at All Saints, Pasadena, maybe 2011 or 2012.  By Allan Coie


Lappé (born February 10, 1944) is the author of 18 books including the three-million copy Diet for a Small Planet. She is the co-founder of three national organizations that explore the roots of hunger, poverty and environmental crises, as well as solutions now emerging worldwide through what she calls Living Democracy. Her most recent book is EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.

Folio: The Full Text of a KPFK Folio/program guide from 1979, & one from 1983


1979 I think these were scanned from a marginal-quality hard copy:

1985: Roy Tuckman, Anita Styles, Roberto Naduris, Jenny Hubbard, Don Rush, Pam Burton, John engineering, Corey Dubin-

kpfk85stafffolio (2)

Article: KPFK more History


KPFK more History

1949 KPFA/Pacifica goes on the air April 15

1959 KPFK goes on the air.  Lectures & classical music are the mainstay of the programming, Terry Drinkwater is the first manager.

1961 KPFK moves to North Hollywood.

1961 KPFK wins George Foster Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting

1962 KPFK broadcasts women’s history profiles of Dorothy Healey and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn–programs that are later used in SISS Hearings charging Pacifica is communist infiltrated.

1962 The FCC withholds the license renewals of KPFA, KPFB, and KPFK pending its investigation into “communist affiliations.” Pacifica was never ultimately cited in any of these or subsequent inquiries. Ironically, the FCC chair later denounces the broadcasting industry for not defending Pacifica during its investigation of the foundation.

1963 The senate intelligence Subcommittee investigates whether station management are pacifist or communist

1964 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) renews the licenses of all three Pacifica stations after a three-year delay.

1965 KPFK wins awards for its coverage of the Watts ‘riots’.

1970 KPFT in Houston goes on the air and is bombed off twice during its first year by Ku Klux Klan attacks on its transmitter tower. After months of inactivity by federal agents and Houston police, Pacifica mounts a media campaign. Federal agents ultimately arrest a Klansman and charge him with plotting to blow up KPFA and KPFK, as well as the actual KPFT bombing.

1970 The Pacifica stations (including KPFK) decline to join the new public radio service, National Public Radio.

1971 Noted folklorist Mario Casetta joins the station’s music staff, introducing World Music to the airwaves.

1971 KPFK builds its custom radio building.

1972 The Pacifica Radio Archive and Pacifica Program Service are established in Los Angeles to preserve and distribute Pacifica programming to schools, libraries, individuals, and other community radio stations across the country.

1974 The Symbionese Liberation Army delivers the Patty Hearst tapes to KPFA/Berkeley and KPFK/Los Angeles. In search of documents pertaining to domestic revolutionary groups, the LAPD searches KPFK for 8 ½ hours.  KPFK Manager Will Lewis is jailed for refusing to turn the tapes over to the FBI.

1975 KPFK’s transmitters go up on Mt. Wilson.

1980 Sharon Maeda becomes Executive Director of Pacifica, markets the sub-carrier frequencies, temporarily manages KPFK, and moves the Pacifica Radio Archives and the National Office into KPFK’s building in North Hollywood.

1984 With money troubles seeming insurmountable, the station goes off the air for 10 days late in September.

1986 After a broadcast of a play about AIDS, KPFK forces the FCC to adopt more narrowly defined rules regarding indecent speech.

1987 Lady Smith Black Mambazo makes their first live U.S. radio appearance, on KPFK/Los Angeles.

1989 KPFK creates its apprenticeship program to train women and people of color in radio production skills.

1992 Senate Republicans put a hold on funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, claiming “liberal bias” on a host of issues, including environmental coverage. A bill is passed imposing “objectivity and balance” conditions on CPB funding. Almost alone among broadcasters, Pacifica protests any content-conditional funding, pressing CPB to shield all news programming and editorial integrity of individual producers–which CPB agrees to in its implementation protocols. Pacifica observes that no other broadcasters, commercial or religious, are any longer subject to access and balance requirements of the now-repealed Fairness Doctrine–making public broadcasters alone subject to editorial restrictions. Immediately after passage of the content restrictions, CPB Board member Victor Gold targets KPFK for strident African American programming and controversial speech aired during Black History month, by filing an FCC complaint.

1993 CPB Board member Victor Gold calls for de-funding Pacifica, echoing lobbying campaign orchestrated by right-wing media critics. In a unanimous vote, CPB reaffirms Pacifica’s funding irrespective of program content. Senate Minority Leader Robert Dole (R-KS) threatens public broadcasting with Congressional revenge, his aide explaining: “The First Amendment, freedom of speech, doesn’t apply, because we are able to put conditions on the grants of federal money. The same as we do for farmers.” Pacifica launches a campaign for unconditional funding and self-defense, led by a tremendous outpouring of “fightback donations” from listeners nationwide. CPB funding narrowly escapes cuts in the House of Representatives, with program content the driving issue. A lobbying effort keeps Pacifica funding off the Senate agenda. This is the second year in which Pacifica has received no discretionary funding from CPB (only the matching funding based upon listener contributions).

1993 Pacifica wins its third Court of Appeals ruling in six years, overturning the FCC restrictions on “indecent” programming as unconstitutional restrictions of the First Amendment rights of the radio audience.

1996 Former California Governor and future mayor of Oakland Jerry Brown hosts “We the People” on KPFK, & KPFA, a daily talk show that features interviews with Noam Chomsky, Paolo Soleri, Ivan Illich, and Gore Vidal.

1998 KPFK puts its Santa Barbara translator into operation.

2001 On December 12th the Pacifica board and dissident groups sign a settlement that leads to the democratization of the Pacifica radio network.  The listener-subscribers win the right to vote for representatives on their local station board.

When KPFK began broadcasting on July 26, 1959, it was the only public radio station in Los Angeles and the second public station in the country.  Notable Angelenos sat on the advisory board including Aldous Huxley, James Mason and Vincent Price, and architect Richard Neutra.  On April 27, Los Angeles commemorates Neutra Earth Day. Just like worldwide Earth Day (observed on April 22), Neutra Earth Day emphasizes sustainability and green lifestyles. But like most things in Los Angeles, it’s done with a Modern twist: it celebrates Neutra as a pioneer of the environmental movement.

The station was dedicated to bringing diverse voices together and thereby helping to forge a peaceful world.  From the station’s earliest days, KPFK invited opposing points of view on the air.  Communist Party organizer Dorothy Healy provided regular political commentaries, as did conservative activist Howard Jarvis.  KPFK was an open door for debate.

Because of its courageous championing of First Amendment freedoms, controversy dogged the station.  In 1964, the FBI asked the Attorney General to investigate KPFK broadcasts of the award-winning play, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and a program in which two lesbians discussed their lives.  Seven years later, the FCC investigated the station because of a broadcast about a local college professor who had been fired after discussing a sexually explicit poem about Jesus in class.

KPFK also became the recipient of numerous messages from revolutionary groups active in the 1970s.  The LAPD spent 8 ½ hours rifling through station documents in pursuit of confidential materials received from the Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army.  Station manager Will Lewis went to jail twice for refusing to turn over those documents,

In the 1980s, KPFK went to the Supreme Court to protect the right of all public radio stations to editorialize.  Later in the decade, the station defended its broadcast of a sexually explicit play about a man dying of specific criteria for judging indecent speech on the airwaves.

Over the years, KPFK has won some of journalism’s most coveted awards including dozens of “Golden Mikes”, a George Foster Peabody Award and an Alfred I. Dupont Award.

2015-04-06 36 paid employees

WBAI & KPFK’s economist Richard Wolff also had an event


“Capitalists in the 1970s realized they no longer needed to pay high wages to American, European and Japanese workers, when they could simply relocate their centers to countries with no wage regulations” -Professor and Economist Richard Wolf

 Richard Wolf discusses the history of capitalist resistance from Germany to Greece for KPFK audience members.

Paraphrase of R. Wolff: We had serfs controlled by their feudal land/lords.
We had slaves controlled by their “owners”.
Now we have wage slaves controlled by their employers, who can fire them without cause any time, see ‘At Will Labor force’.

Audio: KPFK has Bob Marley day, born Feb. 22, 12 hours, 2015



Ziggy Marley pops by the KPFK Studios to have a chat with Reggae Central host Chuck Foster and join the celebration of “Marley Day on KPFK” We’re going all the way till Midnight, please show your support by calling (818) 985-5735  at KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles / 98.7 FM Santa Barbara.kpfkziggy

KPFK’s Jee co-produces Bach in the Subways in Los Angeles March 21



It’s also in places all over the world.

Enlightenment Music Series, a chamber music group that usually performs in Pasadena, will play the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 near Traxx restaurant in Union Station. It’s a number that Jeehyun Lee, the 34-year-old organizer of L.A.’s Bach in the Subways performances, refers to as her “childhood jam.”

Lee works for the North Hollywood-based radio station KPFK, and although she doesn’t play music herself she is deeply in love with classical music and the work of Bach in particular. She contacted Henderson last year after a friend told her about the Bach event.

“The beauty of the project is so simple and so pure,” Lee says. “We just want to play music for you, and we don’t expect anything in return — a rarity in our society. That’s just so moving.”

The role of L.A. organizer didn’t previously exist, so she created it. That’s how the volunteer program operates, says Henderson, who calls the structure “anarchical.”

KPFK’s Uncle Ruthie performs In Bach in the Subways March 21



Chevalier’s Bookstore, 126 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles

UNCLE RUTHIE will be performing in front of Chevalier’s Bookstore with her 100 year old pump organ!

Ruthie “Uncle Ruthie” Buell is a poet, a songwriter, a music teacher and has been a radio broadcaster on KPFK 90.7 FM for over 50 years.  She’s the host of the children’s show “Halfway Down the Stairs” on KPFK. From both Chicago and a farm in Wisconsin, Ruthie has been the creator of art and song and artistic experiences for as long as anyone has known her. She often performs at Beyond Baroque and the Workman’s Circle in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, makes delicious meals for friends and neighbors with lots of butter and cream, and can play every instrument hanging on a wall or placed on a tabletop of her home. Her most recent inspired projects have been a book of poems and the creation of The Poet Tree, her front yard Chinese Elm that invites passersby to sit under its shade, write a verse and pin it to the tree.

KPFK’s Mark Kline passed


We at KPFK are saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend, Mark Klein, a great and long-time supporter of the station. Mark was admired and loved for his wit and encyclopedic knowledge of culture and the Rock and Roll era in particular. His was a presence we could count on during each of our many fund drives. Mark dealt with his illness with courage and grace. We will miss him a lot. by Allan Coie

Sad News, Long time supporter and volunteer at KPFK for many years, Mark Kline has passed. His devotion and love for the station was incredible. His creative costumes always brightened up the phone room. It was always great to see his smiling face out around town at music and other events. R.I.P. Mark you will be sorely missed! heart emoticon
A gathering celebrating Mark and his life takes place this Sunday March 22 2-5pm in Burbank. Inbox us if you’d like to attend.


That’s Mark, seated.