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New, Bad


The sad truth is that the TikTok culture that has become prevalent in this country, has taken listeners from radio stations, including

Pacifica and probably somewhat NPR.

The latest I have heard is that Moe Thomas, from WPFW is again interim General Manager of KPFK. And Ali Lexa is his assistant.

I hope they don’t do their jobs with partisanship shadowing how they do things, or embroil them in internal fighting.

KPFK and the other 4 stations and 3 units are all losing instead of making money to support themselves.

For example the Central Services is way behind, tens of thousands of dollars, in its electricity bills and may be cut off in a matter of days.

The WBAI station is not losing as much money as they used to, because of their new transmitter site, 4 Times Square.

KPFK and KPFT Houston are seriously losing money now.

I believe that one reason is that Ian Masters’ show is gone, and the NDP referendum lost and 4 candidates were disqualified in the last elections. In my opinion NDP is/was whipping up the listener member voters with misleading electioneering, and no one has done a good job of explaining to them why.

The listeners who listened to Ian’s good show but also listened to his mistaken horrible attacks on Pacifica based upon his bad understanding of NDP, and its intentions. I try to listen to everything they say and try to understand what they say, and their legal and other statements of what they want, I can’t understand the differences, and why people think that they are in their own best interests.

And listeners can only hear what KPFK lets them, and candidates and others are assiduously trying

to get their words out.

BTW KPFK’s Pledge Drive is supposed to resume in the next 24-48 hours.

The current Pledge Drive is failing badly, I don’t understand why they don’t level with the listeners and both take listeners calls, and find whatever ways to explain what happened in the elections.

For one thing, they keep harping on the fact that the staff vote at KPFK tipped the balance against the referendum, that’s the staff, including the paid staff, and the volunteer programmers and other volunteers. It has always been standard that staff had separate LSB members, with seats particularly for them on the LSB local station board. Some of these are also voted to become members of the Pacifica National Board. No one has worked against this setup, before, why now?

And FYI the NDP sent out postcards to our listener member lists, and said something like, ‘please send us money so we can take Pacifica to court about the Referendum and other things.’ That’s why 4 candidates were disqualified from KPFK’s LSB. And they were given a remedy, see the email record, and they did not do the remedy, and didn’t explain why not, in my opinion.

There are many details about all this that are documented, if you ask a question I will try to answer them, or tell you where you can find the answer. -Sue Cohen-Johnson

P1 is their core station