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This article is not by me but by ‘Adams’

Gregg A. Roebuck
Novermber 23, 1943 – May 31, 2015

Joe and               GreggGregg and I met during the Old Radio Marathon at KPFK-FM in Los Angeles in March of 1972. We had come in to answer phones for pledges and wound up on the air that night through Nightangels with Rick Bralver. Within the week we were asked to gone on air with “Jason B. Good” and Phil Tuttle as the Heavenly Miracle Air Eperiment, Sunday nights, Midnight to 6am. Over the next few weeks it became clear that Gregg and I were going to be doing a show for the 2nd half of the shift, so – for various reasons – we called ourselves the Sunday Gummies fora few months. The name stuck.

David Arias, Barbara Branson and “Cheryl” (whose last name I have forgotten) joined us from time to time, as did Bruce Gossand, Ed Hammond, Peter Lert and other people from the station dropped buy. We dropped Sunday Gummies, preferring to perform as Adams & Roebuck, but would be remembered as “Gummies” for many decades with station staff. Jack Garriss, an on-air guru with a show early Sunday Mornings, came in early one week, went on air with us and announced “When I am looks for Bliss, I look under B in the yellow pages”. Some of our shows were just bizarre – even to us. The LA Weekly News gave us a review that said, “They make Sunday morning coming down a joy.” We set up a network of stations and syndicated a half hour version of the Adams and Roebuck show through underground stations including Pacifica stations KPFK and KPFA, KBOO in Portland, KTOO in Anchorage, KRAB in Seattle, KAOS in Olympia, and a couple of stations in the midwest, KOPN in Columbia, WYSO in Yellow Springs in Ohio, and a few whose call letters I have forgotten. We stayed on KPFK until 1977, evolving from Heavenly Miracle Air Experiment, the Sunday Gummies (and sometimes Monday Gummies), to Adams and Roebuck.

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  1. Amazing what happens when you volunteer doing something you love! Sunday Gummie David Arias-Rios. Now at KONO 101.1 San Antonio for 24 years.


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