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Can Pacifica Live Up to Its Promise?

Pacifica was founded by radical pacifists who refused to fight even in World War II; nor were they content to wash their hands of the situation and be quietly hidden away in camps. Rather they wanted to disseminate their ideas; so after World War II, they established Pacifica radio, in the words of its mission, to “gather and disseminate information on the causes of conflict between” and to “contribute to a lasting understanding between nations and individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors.” Hopefully the Pacifica board, which meets this weekend in New York City, will live up to this legacy.

In the late 90s and early in this decade, problems long-festering Pacifica spilled out and resulted in a series of lockouts, lawsuits and conflicts that gripped the network, which owns five stations. By the time the cataclysmic events of 9-11 happened, the network was in a state of internal war; crucially, its flagship program, “Democracy Now!”, was eerily being censored from Pacifica’s stations in New York City and Washington, D.C.

This occurred largely because “Democracy Now!”, unlike much of the other programming on those stations, sought to report on moves by the Pacifica national board, which seemed intent on mainstreaming the network, and possibly selling off parts of it. There was some indication that these actions could even have been motivated by goals of personal profit for board members (the stations are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars). . . .”

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WPFW carries on listener-sponsored radio


Over 60 years ago Lew Hill wanted to develop a voice for peace. He had faith that the people would pay for what they believed in. Pacifica is the model for NPR and PBS. WPFW does not accept underwriting, and is not associated with a university. WPFW exists through your generosity. We Are Because You Are. If you rely upon WFPW, WPFW relies upon you to ensure our ability to bring you radio you love. Please call 202-588-9739 or visit us on-line at to make your contribution today!

Washington DC, listener supported community radio station dedicated to Jazz and Justice streaming live.

Video: WPFW Askia on the nature of public radio and Democracy Now clip of history


Nice clip at 7:47   1:01:32

Askia Muhammad says that there is a focus around activists, and another around radio professionals. Each tries to pull in their own direction.  If activists control, the only people who can afford to work have trust funds.  If broadcast professionals, then those who don’t pronounce words “perfectly” (in their estimation) may be let go. This tension remains, but it works itself out for the best.

Radio will never be obsolete, wherever you go, radio gives you the local story. How often do you listen to your ipod?  It’s old news.

A programmer said it’s the volunteers who stay but the paid management and others keep leaving.