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World Water Day

Water pans offer lifeline to female farmers in Kenya | Moraa Obiria
To mark world water day, we look at how simple technology to harvest water in semi-arid areas has transformed prospects for Kenyan women

Vikki Peters shared Amazon Watch’s photo to the group: IDLE NO MORE LOS ANGELES.
Mission City, British Columbia · 57 followers · 6 hrs ·
‘The rivers in the Amazon produce one-fifth of the Earth’s flowing fresh water. #WorldWaterDay’
Amazon Watch

Stephen Salgaller‎The Progressive Movement For A Better America
Name That “Liberal” – Answer…
In honor of UN World Water Day, i now answer the question i posed a few days ago about the “liberal” who improved the The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in America to include monitoring of drilling well-heads, and also the elimination of lead based solder in pipes used for drinking water:
President Ronald Reagan in 1986 !…
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Safe Drinking Water Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is the principal federal law in the United States intended to ensure safe drinking water for the public.[3] Pursuant to the act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is…

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