KPFK pending Local Station Board elections start June 15, ’15


Zuberi is ex officio as iGM, John P Garry is non-voting as secretary. Tej Grewall (staff) is chair, Jim Lafferty (staff) is vice-chair. I [Michael Novick] am treasurer. John Wenger, the longest currently serving member will term out in august and be replaced by one of the runners-up from the 2010 election (last one that achieved quorum). Elections will begin approximately June 15 with opening of nominations. Date of record for membership and close of nomination period is July 14. Candidates will be certified and campaign will begin by some time in August, we will be using e-voting this time to economize. The entire board is up for election this time, 18 listener and 6 staff seats because there was no quorum in 2012 and no election in 2013. So we will elect 8 listeners to a 3 yr term and 8 to a 1 year term (and have another election next year); ditto 3 staff to a 3 yr term and 3 to a 1yr term, with another election next year.

Correction: We will elect 9 listeners to one year terms, and 9 to three-year terms, not 8 each as I wrote in the original message (9+9=18 total listeners+6 total staff+24 members of LSB). Sorry, please correct it if you forward

On 14 May 2015 at 16:22, Michael Novick wrote:

Available among other places at, if you click on the date of the meeting on the monthly calendar, you can click on a link to committee members:

Chuck AndersonKPFK,Ankine AntaramKPFK staff, Rodrigo ArguetaKPFK staff, Fred BlairKPFK, Lydia BrazonKPFK, Steven BrooksKPFK, Christopher CondonKPFK, John CromshowKPFK staff, Anyel Zuberi FieldsKPFK, Luis Garcia y AyvensKPFK, John P. Garry III SecretarynonvoteKPFK, Aryana GladneyKPFK, Tej GrewallKPFK staff, Kim KaufmanKPFK, Fred KlunderKPFK, Jim LaffertyKPFK staff, Chipasha LuchembeKPFK, Brenda MedinaKPFK, Dutch MerrickKPFK, Michael NovickKPFK, John ParkerKPFK, Steve PrideKPFK staff, Lawrence ReyesKPFK, Ron SpriestersbachKPFK, John WengerKPFK, Lamont YeakeyKPFK

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  1. I wanted to vote to save amy goodman, ian masters and letters and politics.
    How can i tell which candidates will preserve these programs and throw out the bogus medicine hawkers!

    Please let me know. I have been a contributor for decades and am currently a sustainer.

    Thanks, Sally Abood


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