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Anne Meara and I won the Writers Guild Award together in 1983 for a TV movie called THE OTHER WOMAN. We not only co-wrote it, I produced it and Anne starred in it. She was “the other woman”. it was a romantic comedy in which Hal Linden, a man in his 50s marries a girl in her 20’s. They have so little in common he takes on a mistress his own age. Anne! It was a delightful romantic comedy, one of my favorite projects of all time. Later I directed her in ARCHIE BUNKER’S PLACE, (with Carol O’Connor) her first episode in that series. Great again! We remained close friends. Anne made everyone’s life richer. She had a great sense of humor, not only about the world, but about herself. She was a rare woman, loved by all who knew her. Good night sweet Anne. Lila
[Lila wrote for Hollywood and even for ‘toons.]

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We acknowledge Memorial Day with a look at America’s ever expanding arms industry. Then we look at the good news….the expanding grassroots action against corporate takeover.

ROBERT WEISSMAN, President of the progressive Public Citizen opposing Fast Track, the TPP Trans (Pacfic Partnership) plus the movement to end dark money in politics.

RICK MANNING, President of the conservative
“Am. for Limited Government”, also in opposition to Fast Track and the TPP, but for different reasons.

TODD DARLING, Producer/Director of the new documentary OCCUPY THE FARM on the urban food justice revolution by the grassroots vs. the food takeover by Monsanto, GMOs & uncontrolled industrial farming.

Lila Garrett (Host of CONNECT THE DOTS)
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