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What are Left and Right Media?


Thanks again to Pacifica in Exile and Tracy: “Let me help you out, Kevin. What you are saying is not what journalism experts actually think.  

The Times’s problem, Jarvis said, is that manufacturing conversation by ensuring different viewpoints are heard,, is overly simplistic and does a disservice to the newspaper’s readers.

“Again, what is The New York Times’ north star?,” Jarvis said. “Neutrality is a myth. Journalism cannot be objective but we must be transparent. We get in trouble all the time when we try to chase the god of objectivity to balance neutrality. I think that’s what happened at The Times.”

“We’ve seen too many journalists confuse not taking sides with not calling out liars and frauds,” says MIT researcher and author.

The report found that several BBC shows fell victim to an “over-rigid application of editorial guidelines on impartiality,” resulting in far too much airtime for climate change deniers. A follow-up report published in 2014 concluded that this key conclusion “still resonates today”.

This situation, known as false balance, arises when journalists present opposing view-points as being more equal than the evidence allows. But when the evidence for a position is virtually incontrovertible, it is profoundly mistaken to treat a conflicting view as equal and opposite by default

Allowing storytellers to center a perspective in news is not new, and in fact was commonplace in a great deal of news reporting throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries. The Muckrakers who exposed corruption in government, the work of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, which exposed the horrors of lynchings in America, these were not objective narratives. Wells-Barnett was not out to show some balanced perspective on why Black people were being murdered in the South without justification.

What are some of the problems that arise with both-sides reporting?

First, as mentioned, it centers perspective as opposed to truth telling. That in turn leads to the elevation of absurd ideas for the sake of balance, which is what we call the creation of false equivalencies.


On Sun, May 30, 2021 at 8:19 PM Kevin White <> wrote:
Dear “Journalist,”

Have your ever asked a supporter of New Day Pacifica a single question? You seem to just continually publish your own unsubstantiated opinions like some like some old political party hack. Let me teach you journalism. You’re opinion isn’t the story. The people and the happening are the story. Please ask both sides or just shut up.

Kevin White

On Sunday, May 30, 2021, 9:56:04 PM CDT, Ann Garrison <> wrote:

Kevin, there’s no one I’d rather see endorsing New Day Pacifica.
On Sun, May 30, 2021 at 6:57 PM Kevin White <> wrote:
Do you support New Day Pacifice? I do. I consider them them the real path out of this nonsense. Please streamline our governance.

Kevin White

On Sunday, May 30, 2021, 8:11:28 PM CDT, Pacifica Democracy Project <> wrote:

Some things are beyond


Excerpt ” . . . can be found later at and click on ‘what happened?’ Thanks to Sha Tahmasebi for redesigning and maintaining the website.
AUDIO ARCHIVES  “Something’s Happening!” (and the Sunday ‘Alan Watts’) are available for listening on demand for 60 days after broadcast. Go to and click on ‘Audio Archives.’ Be sure to use the handy search engine to list only the program (s) you are interested in listening to. “Something’s Happening!” and “Alan Watts” are not downloadable because they contain program material which is not owned by Pacifica (nor me).
BEHIND THE SCENES The fund drive will go on another week, until June 4. With a $650,000 original goal, we have just made $300,000 at the end of May – a problem we are sharing with other non profits.
“Something’s Happening!” Has maintained #1 position of all programs in the amount of pledges taken as well as the level of listenership. Buzz and I have brought in far beyond our salaries and program expense which should make the ongoing program good for the station’s budget but things haven’t seemed to be evaluated that way in current bookkeeping by the boards. And we certainly contribute excellently to the Pacifica Mission! (for over 70 years combined) And Buzz has served both on the national and the local boards. Our proposed layoffs reek of Qanon logic. . . . “
This page is from 2015:



Excerpt: . . . “Pacifica stations but to be able to personally pocket some of the proceeds. That unaccountable National Board led to crises that culminated in the lockout of KPFA in 1999 and the Christmas Coup at WBAI in 2000, triggering a long struggle that culminated in the current democratic bylaws structure.

Flash forward to 2019, and a rogue minority faction on the National Board, intent on selling the New York station, WBAI, and use the proceeds to benefit the Western stations in the network, launched a coup. Farcically insisting they were attempting to “save” WBAI, coup mongers, led by since fired Interim Executive Director John Vernile (then on the job for all of two months!) and National Board Secretary Bill Crosier, removed WBAI from the air in the midst of a fund drive.

The fund drive was stopped, the web site at which listeners could make donations was disabled and all local programming was taken off the air, replaced with canned programming from California with no local content. The team led by Mr. Vernile that descended on WBAI the morning of October 7, 2019, dismantled the equipment, rendering it impossible to broadcast; immediately fired all employees; confiscated the station bank account; took checks left in the office; put padlocks on the doors; and told the station’s landlord she should find a new tenant while cutting off rent payments. The WBAI web site, including all archives of past shows, was wiped clean and replaced with a one-page site with a propaganda message justifying the coup. Not the actions of people with the interests of listeners at heart.

That coup would be reversed a month later, but the other half of the coup attempt, a referendum on bylaws proposed by those behind the WBAI shutdown, remained to be contested. It was defeated by a nearly 2-to-1 margin by both listeners and staff a year ago.

Nonetheless, we have to go through this again, instead of putting energy into tackling Pacifica’s problems. This time the proposed bylaws, while still . . . “

Ed. Note: KPFK would not, would never be a beneficiary or perpetrator of this, just KPFANationalOffice.

On Making a New Station


Excerpt from: You Know you Work in Radio When

Anne Vydra GonsoulinAsk Jace Edwards

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Dan KelleyReally depends on what you need it to do. I just helped a new FM get on the air using StationPlaylist, which is a $600 buyout. Also hear great things about PlayoutONE. Both budget line systems. On the other side, there’s Zetta.

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Dan DeWittAuthorDan Kelley really just automation and voice tracking. No satellite.

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Dan KelleyDan DeWitt will PM you

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Cj ColeI hate to say this but once we got radio station in a box… it actually worked pretty well lol

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Dan DeWittAuthorCj Cole is this for programming or equipment? I’ve seen this, but it seemed like programming.

This book is maybe 50 years old. S.

New Day is soliciting KPFT members & listeners


Dear New Day Pacifica supporters (KPFTers–see #2 below–we need you tonight!!) We’re in the home stretch, with the New Day ballots being sent out on June 7, just 26 days away. Our support continues to grow (6000 petition-signers!) and we are positioned to win—except for the fact that the Pacifica General Counsel and Executive Director and the WBAI-NY General Manager and Program Director are openly using the resources of the Foundation to aggressively fight New Day. The Vote No campaign is being lead by Pacifica’s general counsel and executive director, and WBAI-NY’s General Manager and Program Director. These four people are fighting New Day with the ferocity and lack of ethics of any union-buster New Day volunteer Beth Kean saw in her 30-year union organizer career. New Day won some very important arbitration victories on Friday, but the sheer volume of misconduct by the Pacifica Four may be overwhelming the arbitration system, and as you know justice delayed is justice denied. (READ MORE) New Day is needed now more than ever to save Pacifica’s 5 stations for future generations. Pacifica just failed another financial audit. We need your help to put us over the top, win the New Day changes and save Pacifica. Here’s the help we need today:
1–100 Phoners needed ASAP! We need volunteers to do 3-4 hours of leaving messages for New Day supporters the two weeks before the ballots go out. This is extremely important and also lots of fun, because you will be connecting with other listeners who care about Pacifica as much as you do! Tap here to sign up.
2–KPFTers TONIGHT!! attend KPFT Local Station Board Zoom Meeting from 7:50pm to 8:50pm CT. If you are willing to give a one-minute comment supporting New Day, write a note in the chat saying you want to be on the speakers list, then when they call on you unmute yourself and give your comment. If you can attend but not speak, thank you!–please wiggle your fingers in support after New Day-ers speak. Public comment starts at 8pm and goes at least until 8:30pm but may go longer if a lot of us want to speak. Join KPFT Zoom Meeting TONIGHT, Wed May 12 from 7:50pm to 8:50pm (meeting starts at 7pm but you don’t need to attend until 7:50pm) Meeting ID: 890 8381 2959     Passcode: 896587 3–KPFAers SATURDAY!! attend KPFA Local Station Board Meeting this SATURDAY May 15 from 12:50pm to 1:30 pm PT. If you are willing to give a one-minute comment supporting New Day, write a note in the chat saying you want to be on the speakers list, then when they call on you unmute yourself and give your comment. If you can attend but not speak, thank you!–please wiggle your fingers in support after New Day-ers speak. Public comment starts at 1pm and goes at least until 1:30pm but may go longer if a lot of us want to speak. Join KPFA Zoom Meeting SATURDAY May 15 from 12:50pm to 1:30pm (meeting starts at 11am but you don’t need to attend until 12:50pm) Meeting ID: 941 6181 7522             Passcode: 883168 4–Ballots arriving by email June 7. Mark June 7 on your calendar. Fill out your YES ballot and email it back right away. If you don’t receive it by June 8, Pacifica has improperly taken you off their voter list and you need to request a replacement ballot. Let New Day also know you didn’t get your ballot at so we can fight with you to get you your rightful ballot. 5–Indispensable: donate $5 to $500 to New Day to help New Day get the word out, if you haven’t already. We can’t do it without you. If there are any remaining donations, they will help pay our legal bills to ensure your right to vote. Donate here
Sent via To update your email address, change your name or address, or to stop receiving emails from New Day Pacifica, please click here.

“The Confustion of Ian Masters”

“Many of Pacifica’s members received a letter from KPFK programmer Ian Masters, who hosts Background Briefing at Pacifica’s LA station. While the upcoming bylaws referendum redux will lead to many, many, many letters to the members filled with questionable, if not downright false assertions, and it would probably be tiresome to rebut them all, this particular one is so convoluted that it deserves a response. For anyone who doesn’t have it or doesn’t have it handy, we have placed a copy here for your reference.

Masters begins his screed with the “shocking news” that KPFK programmers have been told that a fund drive is coming up in May of 2021 and the station’s employees have been told they have to raise $650,000 in the May fund drive. This shouldn’t have been overly shocking since Masters has been a five day a week programmer at KPFK since 2009 (and a one day a week programmer since 1980) and KPFK always has a fund drive in May and that fund drive always has a goal between $500,000 and $750,000. Every single year. Along with similar fund drives that generally occur in February, August and October.

The goal of each fund drive is to raise all or most of the station’s expenses of around $240,000 a month or $720,000 a quarter. If that money isn’t raised during the fundraising marathon, then the station will not have enough money to pay its bills. That is the reality of listener-supported radio, and it has been for a very long time. It’s not very shocking at all.

Masters then goes on to state that something untoward has happened with the Paycheck Protection Program loans that were secured by the Pacifica Foundation to offset some of the financial pain caused by the pandemic. With the time spent making vague accusations of derring-do, Masters coul . . . “

From Rescue Pacifica

Traditional AuthorityEgalitarian/Consultative
Situation: management sharing a decision
Members ask logistical clarifying questions to effectively implement the decisionMembers ask questions to understand rationale, measure against mission, express concerns, and possibly co-create something better.
Asking management questions about decisions in private
Purpose: manager gets member “on board” with decision. Convincing through fallacy, seduction, or threat is allowed. Member’s questions not to be answered unless the answer gets them “on board”.Member seeks to understand manager’s proposal, how it flows from and is related to common purpose (mission), and may raise concerns which are expected to be addressed, possibly resulting in a proposal modification.
Asking management questions about decisions in public
Threat to authority. Not being a team player. Management must re-establish authority or lose face and power.Seek to understand proposal and assess how it matches the common purpose (mission), raising concerns about mismatches, propose possible modifications to address mismatches. Proposal will NOT go forward while significant unaddressed concerns persist.
Discussing and critiquing management decisions and edicts among members
Polarizing the organization. Threat to authority. Mutiny. Disrespectful to avoid using proper channels.Benefitting from diversity’s wisdom. Safeguarding against decisions counter to mission. Combatting marginalization.
Failing to produce the membership list when requested by a member
Protection. Protecting members from harassment. Securing lines of authority and communication. Squashing divisiveness and pain. Possibly saving face.Censorship. Free speech rights violation. Legal violation. Trying to avoid responsibility to answer relevent questions.

Please note that member lists cannot be accessed by members to get addresses etc., they go to Mailing House to have the messages be sent out to members.

KPFA built its building, KPFK built its building in 1971, enabling:

May 4, 2021, 5:29 AM (8 days ago)

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 2:01 AM <> wrote:
> Your philosophy would have worked well when WBAI was financially supporting the whole network including the struggling CA stations, which I guess would have been sold off in the 70’s when they were flailing.

i’ve heard of such times, but haven’t seen documentation. pacifica did
sell a national office in 1981 to bail out WBAI and WPFW, so 1925 MLK
wasn’t the first casualty.

> I know divide and conquer is appealing to some, but cannabalism is what it is. The reality of paying the bills sometimes calls for belt tightening, but you always hold onto the stations and local broadcasting because
> that is Pacifica’s mission and delivering on what the mission demands is what controls the actions of nonprofit organizations. That’s the difference, by the way.

that is certainly the important difference. pacifica’s mission is
nonspecific as to location, and as i’m sure we all know, reads in
part: “To establish and operate for educational purposes, in such
manner that the facilities involved shall be *as nearly
self-sustaining as possible*, one or more radio broadcasting
stations…” if a station or facility chronically fails to sustain
itself, trying another market is an obvious idea.

pacifica foundation board meeting, 11/21/81:

After a long discussion of needs and alternatives, a Resolution was
adopted, 16 for, 0 opposed, 1 abstention, as follows:

Moved (Mel Reich) Seconded (Alex Vavoulis), carried:

That the President be empowered, in consultation with the Executive
Director, Treasurer, KPFK Station Manager, and the Board of Directors
members in Los Angeles, to mortgage, sell or otherwise dispose of the
National Office building as quickly as possible; provided that
$216,000 shall be available in the first year for National Office debt
retirement, moving expense, retirement of first mortgage and real
estate commission.

The motion on use of the money that would become available was passed
14 for, 0 opposed, 1 abstention as follows:

That to the extent monies are available from the sale or other
disposition of the National Office Building, or financing relating to
the sale or other disposition of the National Office Building, the
monies shall be applied to the following matters:

1. Retirement of National Office debt of up to $120,000;
2. Moving expense of National Office of approximately $25,000;
3. Loan to WBAI of up to $60,000; and
4. Grant to WPFW of up to $60,400…

Some of the Arguments, there are lots more, about WBAI’s antenna on the Empire State Building


Re: [pacificaradiowaves] The Bond idea


<>May 4, 2021, 1:28 AM (8 days ago)

Here is the copy of the lease with ESRT

The assumptions that the revenue captured every year could meet the rising rent is where I would like to know what they were thinking.
Since one of the people has passed and the other one, Mr. Coughlin, has skin in the game and will not talk, we can only surmise about their MENTALITES as the French cultural theorists like to say.
My reasoning of the background to it has another factoid in the mix. The ESRT transmitter was the only game in town after 911.

On Monday, May 3, 2021, 11:55:50 PM EDT, <>wrote:

I think there needs to be clarity on what may have been the factors for signing the lease with Empire.
This regards the initial euphoria from the new bylaws.
First, there was a growth in revenue taken in after the battle to “re-take” the Foundation. Revenue rose and so did audience. That was true in the first years after the re-writing of the new bylaws.
Second, the people who seized control politically of the Foundation had been organized around a set of assumptions. They were valorizing without question the essence that the eclectiv and diverse programming that in their percpetion was the strength of the system should be preserved and its purity defended. They had been galvanized by the implementation by the PNB of the conclusions that the CPB reached after their fiscal crisis of the eighties. That was the need to develop strip programming and high levels of audience ratings to sustain themselves. 
The Healthy Station Project comes into that mix. The old PNB sought to take the lessons derived from insights such as what David Giovannoni reached.

The NATIONAL PROGRAMMING STRATEGY of 1992 is worth re-examining because what we are going through now is a evolution of those arguments in the present day battle over what the by laws should be or not be.

The actual numbers for WBAI were going up in terms of audience and revenue so that needs to be put into the mix in terms of looking at the agreement signed by the decision makers at that time. 
What began to alter the situation was the collapse of revenue the next year when there was a $500,000 dollar shortfall at WBAI. This is when the numbers started to decline in NYC.
How the board in all its factions had dealt with this since has been to me the most glaring example of their overall incompetence. That comment is directed to all the faction accolytes.
Because they were acting on the assumptions that all the grassroots programming was not to be questioned and valorized there has never been a honest examination of what was going on for the next 16-17 years. 
I would argue that coming in with the new PNB with the  new bylaws they were clueless as to the innards of how to manage a 21st century broadcasting entity. Posturing for “reevolution” foes not cut it when the numbers for listeners simply caved.
That is glaring when one looks at how far behind at key turning points in terms of digitization/social media Pacifica as a whole has been behind the eight ball ever since 2000. And the speed of that evolutuion as we all know has been at a lighting pace while Pacifica has moved and acted as a snail.
The PNB has always studiously ignored as a WHOLE the reasons why the revenue has collapsed for two decades because it would be forced to admit that the local programming in each signal has simply not performed with some exceptions.
So, the ESRT sword of damocles was always a known threat and without the Foundation as whole dealing with its root causes we are doomed to repeat it again and again.

On Monday, May 3, 2021, 02:30:44 AM EDT, <> wrote:

Without doubt.  I just question someone including that in the fundraising section of what purports to be a new plan.

From 1997, the Healthy Station push


“The “Healthy Station project” comes to KPFA

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Lyn Gerry's profile photo

Lyn Gerry

unread,Jul 10, 1997, 3:00:00 AMto
Lynne Chadwick, co-founder of NFCB’s “Healthy Station
Project” named as new manager for KPFA

On July 3, 1997 KPFA management announced that Lynne Chadwick,
Director of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, would
take over for outgoing KPFA GM Marci Lockwood. Chadwick is one of the
founders of the “Healthy Station Project” which pushed community
stations toward commercialization and “professionalization,” and
advocated the use of more paid staff and a reduced role for community
programmers and members in decision-making.

The Grassroots Radio Coalition, whose second annual conference will
take place at the end of this month in Boulder, Colorado, is composed
of a growing number of stations who have rejected the “Healthy
Station” premise. In many cases, these community stations have had to
fight long hard battles to take their stations back. Because of this,
the GRC conference attendees understood and were supportive of Free
Pacifica delegates who attended last years conference to publicize our

This a further ominous step in the program of the current Pacifica
regime of Executive Director Pat Scott, whose “5-year Plan”
articulates a goal of re-creating Pacifica Stations as a “professional
broadcast organization.”

Jesse Walker, a community broadcaster and journalist, has provided the
following excerpt from a work- in -progress which explains the
“Healthy Station” project and the struggle against it. (WERU is one
of the co-founders and sponsors of the Grassroots Radio Coalition.)

For more info on the GRC, visit the GRC website:

In an excerpt from an early draft of a forthcoming paper, J . . . “

Pacifica Radio on your screen?


From Studio B, where most talk radio shows originate? With a toggle switch between B and Master Control?

“My question still is what plans do you and your allies on the Pacifica Board and elsewhere have to bring Pacifica into the current era and capture a younger audience.

form a task force to figure out what has driven the younger audience
from streaming and digital physical media to retro electromechanical
phonographs (ie, “vinyl”). then adapt that driver for the type of
sound pacifica creates, to facilitate easy migration of this younger
audience from streaming and audio podcast / download to pacifica’s
retro FM broadcasts.

maybe what pacifica needs are more music programs certified to source
all sound from vinyl. i think free radio berkeley had a program called
“vinyl time machine” which did just this. fortunately for KPFA, they
never acquired an FCC license. so let pacifica seize this opportunity!
pacifica could augment the audio broadcast with jacket and liner notes
images over the Internet, and more fully recreate an album experience
which would be new to this younger audience. make sure the task force
examines any necessary licensing for the images.

too bad the younger audience will most often have to appreciate a
seventeen inch image on a six inch screen, but maybe they’ll gather
around the iMac for a nicer and more social experience.”

from Kim, former Treasurer and Nat’l Board Mbr.


Excerpt: “

Kim KaufmanFeb 12, 2020·5 min read

An open letter to the proposed Transition Board Members who will be the sole Trustees for the Pacifica Foundation if the proposed new Bylaws are approved by the membership

[*2/13 update question #10]

February 12, 2020


To: Judy Graboyes, Bob King, Walter Riley, Norm Stockwell, Terri Burke, Mustafaa Carroll, Louis Vandenberg

I am writing you because you have all been chosen to be “Transition Board Members” as part of a set of completely reworked Bylaws for the Pacifica Foundation. These Bylaws will be voted on by the membership of all five Pacifica radio stations very soon and you are part of the package. If they are approved by the membership, you will become the new Directors of the Pacifica Foundation in a little over a month.

Here is a link to the proposed bylaws that includes short bios for you and other information: (Two of the original proposed Directors have withdrawn.) If these Bylaws are approved, you will have almost unlimited control to do whatever you want to Pacifica. However, we have heard nothing from you beyond the printed bios. One of the fears is that you will be puppets for the people who picked you, that you have been told you won’t have to do much and they will “advise” you.

I am a member of KPFK and I was on the KPFK local board, and was its Treasurer for several years, as well as on the national board. I have spoken with other members and former board members and we have some questions. We’d like to hear from you directly in order to inform us in the upcoming vote. I have set up a Facebook group called Pacifica’s Proposed New Bylaws where people can further discuss these issues and you can respond there and engage with the members directly. Since your new job will be so crucial to Pacifica’s future, it is critical that the membership hear from you directly.

1.      What is your understanding of the responsibilities and duties of Transition Board Member that you have committed to?2.      Some of you have full time jobs. How much of a time commitment do you expect this position will require? How much time can you commit to Pacifica should it require more time?3.      How much do you know about Pacifica? 4.      How much do you know about Pacifica’s current financial status?5.      It is possible that at the time of your seating, there will be no Executive Director or Chief Financial Officer. If that is the case, the elected board Chair among you is required to take over the ED position and the elected board Treasurer is required to take over the CFO position according to the new proposed Bylaws. Is someone prepared to take on these responsibilities if needed?6.      During this transition period you will be the only Trustees of the Pacifica Foundation and will be responsible for all the business of governance and oversight of Pacifica. None of you have radio or radio business experience, except for at community radio stations much smaller than Pacifica’s smallest station or other relevant skills. Pacifica has five financially troubled stations, plus its Archives and an Affiliates program. It is a very compl . . . "