KPFK Programmer Activist Dedon Kamathi passed, retro on Sojourner Truth


KPFK Programmer Activist Dedon Kamathi/Ken Carr passed, retro on Sojourner Truth:

Dedon was a member of the Black Panther Party, member of Peoples Revolutionary Party, member of All African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, community activist, b. 1949 BA Political Economy of 3rd World, former Black hippy, surfer, TM practitioner, father, mentor, Phd program in African studies, Pan-Africanist, journalist, propagandist, programmer for about 30 years on KPFK.
“Our warrior is now free”
“Ready for the Revolution!”

kpfksuededonolboard (1)

Dedon y yo, and the old “temporary” broadcast board we had for some years.

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