KPFK’s Bobbee Zeno tribute


Bobbee Zeno - podium
An important announcement from our friends at KPFK-FM radio:

KPFK experienced the sudden loss, on March 19th, of the very engaging, multi-faceted producer and host, Bobbee Zeno. His work at the station goes back 15 years. Bobbee was currently co-producing and co-hosting “Experience Talks” — the popular show that focuses on senior life —  and had just launched his new on-line venture, “Culture Vortex.” But there are several other lives Zeno lived, as metaphysician, healer, theatre producer, and seniors advocate.

Family, friends and co-workers share their “Zeno moments” this Saturday, May 3rd, at 8:00 a.m. , in the time slot that “Experience Talks” normally airs. Even though we’re in pledge drive, this hour is all for Bobbee.

(Also streaming live and archived at and here on our website.)

90.7 Los Angeles    98.7 Santa Barbara     93.7 San Diego   99.5 Ridgecrest


                             produced by S. Pearl Sharp & Mark Maxwell

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