KPFK Local Station Board Elections


The ballots were to have been sent out and the ballots returned by Oct. 22nd, but that has been delayed.
Staff Candidates:  Alexander, Johnathan
Benavides, Jose
Cohen Johnson, Sue
Coie, Allan
Grewall, Tejvir “Tej”
LePique, Maggie
Lexa, Ali
Muhammad, Charlene
Pride, Steve
Turner, Kiyana
Velazquez, Fernando
istener Candidates: Aaron, Kenneth
Aaron, Grace
Anderson, Charles “Chuck”
Barnett, Douglas
Beck, Christian
Blair, Fred
Blyth, John
Boehm, John
Brazon, Lydia
Brown, Sharon
Caukin, Bruce L
Childs, Sandy
Cho, Jaye
Corral, Michael A.
Clayton “Jeff” Jeffries
Doneen, Ann
Eidman, Roberta
Eisen, William “Bill”
Elizondo, Rose Mary
Fox, Leslie
Frantz, Stephen
Fredricks, Charles
Gladney, Aryana
Gomez, Jaime L.
Goodman, Jan
Halle, Thomas
Hebert, Marylin
Kaiser, Steve
Lawrence, Nancy
Lightfoot, Liberty
Macias, Richard
Macon, Rob
Marbach, Barbara
Medina, Brenda
Medina, Diana
Mizell, Van
Mora, Michael
Novick, Michael
Pour, Reza
Pour, Schyna
Reson, Myla
Reyes, Lawrence
Ryan, Will
Sabbagh, Mansoor
Salmeron, Rolando
Sochaczewski, Alise
Spriestersbach, Ronald
Van, Jerry
Vollbrecht, John

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