Pacifica By-Laws Amendments to be voted upon


To be taken up by the Pacifica National Board for acceptance or rejection on September 24, 2015, and then to go to the Local Boards for approvals by Nov. 22.  3 of the 5 must approve.

Click to access ArticleFourSectionTwoProposedBylawsAmendment150731.pdf

Click to access RemoteParticipationAndAccessibilityAtInPersonMeetings150731.pdf

Click to access ByawsAmendPNBQuorumArticleSixSecFive150731.pdf

Click to access LSB%20QUORUMArticleSeven150731.pdf

Click to access BylawsAmendmentReplacingOneTownHall150731.pdf

Click to access ArticleFourSection8TermLimitsProposedAmendment150731.pdf

Click to access RegularMtgsByTelArticleSixSec3_150731b.pdf

How proposed bylaws amendments are approved
For most amendments to be approved, they must pass the Pacifica National Board by a majority of its membership, and then be passed by a majority of delegates at each of 3 of the 5 stations. Particular types of bylaws amendments also require approval by the members via written ballot, and some bylaws amendments may be approved directly by the members even if the boards do not approve them.

For more on amending the bylaws, see Article 17 of the Pacifica Bylaws, the most current version of which is here.
his is from

The following is the amended version of the by-laws they suggest, on the last of the listed amendments:
Article Six, Meetings of the Board of Directors, Section 3: Telephonic Meetings The Board may hold regular and special meetings by telephone conference, video screen communication or other communications equipment, provided, however, that telephone appearance at meetings scheduled as “in-person” meetings is not permitted. Participation in a telephonic meeting under this Section shall constitute presence at the meeting if all of the following apply: A. Each Director participating in the meeting can communicate concurrently with all other Directors. B. Each Director is provided the means of participating in all matters for the Board, including the capacity to propose, or to interpose an objection to, a specific action to be taken by the Foundation. C. The Board has a means of verifying that the person participating at the meeting is a Director and that all votes cast during said meeting are cast only by Directors.
This concerns me because it might limit testimony by public/community comment sections of meetings.  Sue

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