KPFK’s Something’s Happening show with Roy of Hollywood


The Something’s Happening, Roy of Hollywood show, the highest-moneymaking, in the country, highest-audience from midnight to 6 am show, (except maybe Coast to Coast), on KPFK for 43 years, bringing a full-featured selection of material from political to health and spirituality, women’s issues, old radio and more.  He usually plays Thom Hartmann with Bernie Sanders from 4-6 am.

Here’s a very brief listing:

Spoken arts on human potential, spirituality, creativity.

(First Mondays are old time radio nights) plus Thom Hartmann Program

Spoken Arts on Health, Psychology, plus Thom Hartmann Program and public affairs.DogNoir
Dave Emory’s ‘For the Record,’
Eben Rey’s “Project Next,” politics, public affairs, news from the future, plus Thom Hartmann Program.
Alan Watts, Shinzen Young, Jack Gariss, Krishnamurti, Caroline Casey.

(First Thursday nights are women’s nights)
plus Thom Hartmann Program.

1 AM

Pictured on left in 1985 KPFK paper Folio/program guide.

kpfk85stafffolio (2)


Roy & Elliot Mintz, who had a great ’60s show with Roy and called Tehran and spoke to the takers of the embassy.  See article on Mintz.

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