KPFK’s Program Grid, 6/2/15, the whole thing at this time


This is now, it’s always subject to change-

6-2-15 sched: I sort of got it to appear here:

Anyway the link is:

The Car Show

Middle East In Focus

1 PM

KPFK 2015 Schedule

Note: Schedule subject to change without notice

AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday AM
6 AM Democracy Now!
A national, daily, listener-sponsored, news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pacifica Radio’s flagship program.

Roots Music And Beyond

Rotating Hosts

Edna Tatum’s Gospel Classics
Gil Fears
6 AM
6:30 6:30
7 AM Morning Review 7 – 8 am 7 AM
7:30 Connect The Dots
Lila Garrett
Sojourner Truth
with Margaret Prescod
8 AM Uprising!
News and Public Affairs with Sonali Kolhatkar
Liberated Sisters
Alan Watts 8 AM
8:30 or

Think Outside The Cage

Anti-War Radio
Scott Horton
9 AM Democracy Now!
Current Affairs with Pacifica Host Amy Goodman
Rebroadcast of the 6 am Program
Hutchinson Report
Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Economic Update
Richard Wolff
9 AM
9:30 9:30
10 AM Letters and Politics

Mitch Jeserich

The Michael Slate Show Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Politics Or Pedagogy
World Focus
Blase Bonpane
10 AM
11 AM The Global Village
Music From Around The World and Around the Block
11 am – 1 pm
Freedom Now

Ian Masters
11 AM
Noon Derek Rath Betto Arcos Yatrika

Spotlight Africa The Insighters
Maria Armoudian
12:30 12:30
PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday PM
1 PM
Community Calendar 12:57 to 1:00 pm M – F
Inner Vision
Meri Ka Ra/Brother Yaw
Inner Vision

with Nita Vallens

The Aware Show
withLisa Garr
The Aware Show
withLisa Garr
Of Transformation

Michael Beckwith
1:30 Access College 1:30
2 PM Thom Hartmann
Due to licensing issues we do not archive this program
Thom Hartmann
Due to licensing issues we do not archive this program
Arts in Review with Julio Martinez

Pacifica Performance Showcase

Rhapsody In Black

with Bill Gardner

Reggae Central
Chuck Foster
2 PM
2:30 2:30
3 PM Deadline LA

SWANA Region Radio

Feminist Magazine The BradCast
with Brad Friedman
The Lawyers Guild
Jim Lafferty
Jimmy Dore Rhapsody In Black (cont) 3 PM
3:30 3:30
4 PM Strategy Session
Antonio Gonzalez
Voices from the Frontline
Eric Mann
Jon Wiener Truthdig Radio Pocho Hour of Power Afro-Dicia
D.J. Nnamdi
Melting Pot with
Michael Barnes
4 PM
4:30 4:30
5 PM Background Briefing – Ian Masters Beneath The Surface
Suzi Weissman
5 PM
5:57pm Community Calendar (Rebroadcast from 12:57 pm) 5:57pm
PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday PM
6:00 Pacifica News *Canto Sin Fronteras
Tanya Torres
Folk Scene
Roz Larman
6:30 Evening Public Affairs 7 – 9 pm Re:Work formerly
Labor Review
7 PM

Beautiful Struggle/

Beautiful Struggle Collective

Digital Village
L.A Theater Works Alternating:
SoulRebel Radio –David Feldman
7:30 On Resistace Radio
7 PM
8:00 Flip The Script
riKu Matsuda

American Indian Airwaves
LA Review of Books Temple Of Hip-Hop

The John-Leslie Brown Show

*Canto Tropical

Kathy Diaz


Barry Smolin
8:30 Indy Media on Air Treasures Of The West / 
Poet’s Cafe
9 PM Programas En Español

Informativo Pacifica 9 – 9:30

9 PM
9:30 Perspectiva de las Americas Voces de Libertad Contragolpe
Ruben Luengas
Nuestra Voz 9:30
10:00 One Track Mind
Kristi Lomax

Travel Tips for Aztlan 

Mark Torres
Adventures In Stereo with J.Rocc 10:00
Contacto Ancestral

Insurgencia Femenina Encuentros
Gregorio Luke
11 PM Suplemento Comunitario Noticiero Pacifica Enfoque Latino 11 PM
11:30 Caminando por Mesoamerica Centroamerica Sin Censura Noticiero Pacifica Líneas abiertas 11:30
AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday AM

Something’s Happening with Roy of Hollywood

Information on the Cutting Edge
Mon – Thurs Midnight – 6 AM

Truth Seekas
DJ Santana
My Side Of The City
Steve Martín


Mark Maxwell

12:30 Spoken arts on human potential, spirituality, creativity.

(First Mondays are old time radio nights) plus Thom Hartmann Program

Spoken Arts on Health, Psychology, plus Thom Hartmann Program and public affairs.DogNoir
Dave Emory’s ‘For the Record,’
Eben Rey’s “Project Next,” politics, public affairs, news from the future, plus Thom Hartmann Program.
Alan Watts, Shinzen Young, Jack Gariss, Krishnamurti, Caroline Casey.

(First Thursday nights are women’s nights)
plus Thom Hartmann Program.

1 AM Breakbeats

and Rhymes

1 AM
2 AM Soundwaves
Abraham Beltan
2 AM
3 AM Stairway To Heaven
Teddy Angelo
3 AM
4 AM
Aziatic Rhythmz
5 AM 5 AM
5:30 Counterspin


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Schedule Guide: Music Programming Health & Spirituality En Español
This Schedule Subject To Change Without Notice

Shows currently on Hiatus: Free Forum with Terry McNally
Explorations, Ring Of Fire RadioAxis Of Justice Radio, Bibliocracy

Experience Talks also hosts their own weekly podcasts [ here ]

Online Programming –
Bike Talk
 Feel, Think and Grow Show
GoHarrison w/Harrison
The Out Agenda
Ukulele Spotlight
Samm Brown’s For The Record

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