Financial info-Please support KPFK Los Angeles’ Emergency FunDrive 1 Week only


Average Monthly Costs: These are very close estimates based upon the past 5 months

Personnel Costs                 $150,000

Utilities $11,900

Telecom Services (internet, phone, ISDN) $14,532

Maintenance (we have been deferring a lot of maint. these past 5 mos) $2,100

Credit Card Fees (processing and return fees) $5,300

Thank You Gifts $44,000

Pacifica Radio Archive Services $4910

National Office Central Services $36,800

Postage and related expenses $4780

Average monthly cost to fund the station $307,700

It costs us over $7 a minute just to be on the air.  Doesn’t sound like much?

Well that’s over $10, 000 a day ($10,086.47 to be exact)

Over $ 70, 600 a week

Over $ 307, 000 a month

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