KPFK’s New Manager as of June 1st, 2015


People been asking about my vision for KPFK, and my answer has been People’s Radio, that I need to talk to people to find out what they want from their radio station. But I’ll give you a hint of what I’m thinking from a statement back in 2007.

dismantling a world empire.
liberating the people from the social control of brutality, terror, surveillance, incarceration, and genocide.
defeating perpetual war.
rescuing the ecosystem.
overcoming euro-american cultural supremacism.
surviving technological, economic, and societal disintegration.

These are the defining challenges confronting the 21st century. Their solution demands leadership from those who will live with the consequences of the decisions we make now.

All of the struggles around KPFK are rooted in one question: will we oldtimers continue to tear up KPFK between us, or will we nurture new leaders? Do we have the wisdom to liberate the station from us?

There’s more but it’s dated. Hope this, as idealistic as it is, gives you some idea of what I dream of.

 The anti-homeless, anti-street-vendor ordinances.
 Occupy Venice Beach's photo.
Call Mayor Garcetti & ask him to veto and rescind LAMC 56.11 & 63.44 B & I – 213.978.0600.

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