Some of Why KPFK made less money since 2007


Rebel Radio Station KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles Fights to Stay On the Air-  Gabriel San Roman, former producer for Uprising, wrote in the OC Weekly:

Excerpts:  ….”With Dubya in the White House in 2005 and U.S. ground troops occupying Iraq, the political left flooded the streets in protest. KPFK’s anti-war bent stood out in a media landscape too busy genuflecting before a modern-day Moloch demanding sacrifices of youth on the battlefield.”….
….”The economic devastation has listeners looking for alternatives and KPFK is trying to find new ways of being able to stay on-air to deliver them. Just like the anti-war movement energized the station ten years ago, the current moment holds the possibility of it connecting with the disaffected.”….

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