Intv. with New Manager


Excerpt: “M.C.: The potential in radio’s second largest market is enormous. When I started in radio, one of the first lessons I was taught was about the special bond that exists between the listener and the station; between the host and the audience. It’s like a personal, intimate relationship.

My impression is that, unfortunately, KPFK has sometimes deceived its most precious asset, the audience. That is to say, our core “business” is radio. We should abide by the un-written rules of radio, no matter what. I don’t see any other path to regain KPFK’s audience than to regain the confidence and trust of its listeners again.

The only way to do so is by delivering our message through the evergreen radio truth: to educate, inform, and entertain. All three actions must go along jointly and evenly. . . . “

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