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The bad news is, author, playwright, radio comic, Joseph K. Adams has passed. I will so miss him. Here’s the last (worth reading) I heard from Joesky:
“I think I think it’s important to try what you feel will help, reasonably, short of intense self-prescribed drug treatment. Acknowledging that it’s sad for a reason. And facing that reason. For me it was being molested as a child and having to deal with it where it belongs, in the past, I was for, I’m not for now. And I can protect me. That is a huge amount of growth. My story.May 19May 19, 2021, 5:04 PMYou sent May 19Many of the men I have met recently were molested, the latest by catholics.You sent May 19Sounds like a good reason to attach to your inner childJoseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 19Child molestation and rape in any form qualify for ptsd. Being held at gunpoint or otherwise having your life at risk in a violent crime. Being in combat for people are repeatedly trying to kill you. There are lots of reason for PTSD but the first issue is getting honest with it. It’s terrifying and no one ever wants to admit being that powerless. But with the work I’ve done I’ve learned how to put it where it belongs, in my past, and connect to the parts of me that were isolated in different tragedies.Joseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 19I suggest you look up a c e, adverse childhood events, from the cdc. It’s goes long beyond adult children of alcoholics,. It’s really very good.You sent May 19I want to send your words to my friend. If necessary could I use your name?Joseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 19Certainly. We go back quite a ways and I have never found you to abuse my reference or credit. Feel free.You sent May 19Thank youJoseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 19


You sent May 19My job before Covid was teach english as a 2nd language. If I can’t do that again, maybe I will look for another avocation


1Joseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 19I’ve always felt it important to do work that would leave something behind, and help someone. Sounds like that job did.You sent May 19For then, but that’s over. I have a knack for finding the worst in things.You sent May 19I feel proud of what I did for KPFK and its listenersYou sent May 19I sent much of your words to him.May 20May 20, 2021, 8:41 PMYou sent May 20How are you, when is your bedtime?May 20May 20, 2021, 9:05 PMJoseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 20I was in a zoom meeting. I don’t have a specific bedtime but I’m turning in pretty quick. How are you doing?You sent May 20Are you doing groups by zoom? More power to ya!Joseph K. AdamsJoseph sent May 20I’ve been stranded at home without being able to go to meetings for a very long time. When the pandemic hit and people started doing Zoom it was my chance to quote get out quoteJoseph sent May 20I hope people will still do them later.”

You sent May 20Now that I’m forced to learn how ( sort of) I think we’ll continue.You sent May 20June 18 at 3:22 PMFri 3:22 PMYou sent June 18 at 3:22 PM

Roebuck & Adams

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