KPFK in the 70s, 80s


A reminiscence from the past:
“Pacific [sic] was so relevant when I started listening. Sundays were the reading of the John Birch Blue Book, followed by the Ameircan Nazi Party, followed by Dorothy Healy and the American Communist party. Dick van Dyke came down to the old studio (what is now the parking lot) to sing some show tunes, Aldous Huxley came down to the studio to do his show live (I only listened, never came to the studio until 1972). … far left, far right, minority/community and introduction to civil rights from many viewpoints. When I was there, even under the bizarre 50s revolutionary regieme of Ruth Hirshman, we had the Larmans, Paul Verdier with Sunday Bach, David Cloud, Carl (can’t think of his last name – atmospheric composer) Stone?, Johnny Otis, proto rap, garage band, tango nuevo, Peruvian pipes, and a dozen other flavors of music so people could get introduced and choose. Mario Cassetta alone brought 25 kinds of music. And incredible readers choosing amazing books ot share. And Hour 25, Nightangels, Something’s Happening… There was one invitation after another to get outside the oppressive overculure … and it was nowhere near as bad as it is now. ”

From me:  Everyone agrees that KPFK needs to change, but no one agrees as to how it should change, or in which direction.  From 1976-Robert Altman, Betty Friedan, Gus Hall Comm. Pres. Candidate, Jim Berland

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