KPFK’s Jee co-produces Bach in the Subways in Los Angeles March 21



It’s also in places all over the world.

Enlightenment Music Series, a chamber music group that usually performs in Pasadena, will play the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 near Traxx restaurant in Union Station. It’s a number that Jeehyun Lee, the 34-year-old organizer of L.A.’s Bach in the Subways performances, refers to as her “childhood jam.”

Lee works for the North Hollywood-based radio station KPFK, and although she doesn’t play music herself she is deeply in love with classical music and the work of Bach in particular. She contacted Henderson last year after a friend told her about the Bach event.

“The beauty of the project is so simple and so pure,” Lee says. “We just want to play music for you, and we don’t expect anything in return — a rarity in our society. That’s just so moving.”

The role of L.A. organizer didn’t previously exist, so she created it. That’s how the volunteer program operates, says Henderson, who calls the structure “anarchical.”

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