Jane Fonda never heard of New Day


Jane Fonda “NEVER endorsed” New Day Pacifica’s Bylaws Rewrite! “Vote No!”


Here is an excerpt of a letter from Pacifica Counsel Arthur Schwartz to New Day Pacifica (NDP) spokesperson Beth Kean:”As you know, you sent out an email to the Pacifica list stating that Jane Fonda had endorsed the New Day Bylaw changes. She contacted me and asked what this was about. She said that she had NEVER endorsed […]


Our board trouble is because we don’t know who we are voting for for local board members-there are restrictions on what candidates can say On Line.

A further excerpt:

At Pacifica’s New York station, WBAI, on Oct. 7, 2019, a “professional” Pacifica exec showed up with guards, fired the entire staff and padlocked the door. WBAI became a repeater station, with shows piped in, eliminating local community-based programming. But a NY court granted a grassroots challenge and ruled this drastic action ILLEGAL. They overturned the disenfranchisement of’s board members by a minority faction. Yet this FLAGRANT violation of Pacifica bylaws has been SUPPORTED by 3 out of 4 of NDP’s pre-selected board officers (if their scheme passes)!Then some of them mounted last year’s effort to strip democracy from our governance through a network-wide referendum. But our members defeated them, 2 to 1. Now NDP has forced Vote #2 with — if passed — a new way to marginalize the DC and New York stations—the two with the largest Black audiences & staffs: EXCLUDE THEM from the 4 locked-in officer positions for three years!A “New Day?” Sounds like the “same ol’ same ol'” where someone who knows better than you wants to come into your neighborhood and “improve it.” (Gentrification, anyone?)NDP is asking YOU to help them suspend democracy for 3 YEARS as they “professionalize” the Management and Staff and marginalize under-represented communities!Put out the fireDon’t burn down democracy because “New Day” Naysayers are yelling “FIRE!”
LOOK at recent FINANCIAL STABILITY STEPS by the Pacifica National Board and/or our interim Executive Director Lydia Brazon (working voluntarily with no salary):SAVED $1.9 million in 2018 by negotiating down a huge debt on antenna rental.SET SOUND FINANCIAL POLICY to gradually pay off loan principal via bequest income.IMPROVED OUR FINANCIAL SITUATION AND RECORD KEEPING enough to win an 18-month extension on a loan to repay outstanding debts.SECURED $2.4 million in Federal pandemic stimulus funds.CAUGHT UP ON FAR-BEHIND AUDITS, paving the way to resume much-needed federal grants.FOILED an effort to force Pacifica into bankruptcy, which had been backed by some who are now behind NDP. Bankruptcy like would have led to selling some station signals. 
And, what Pacifica is all about:
RESPONDED TO THE COVID CRISIS with our unique, national COVID Race and Democracy program, created with our Pacifica affiliates. Still on the air & archived online 
NDP A Financial Disaster for PacificaCOMPARE THE MEASURABLE PROGRESS OF THE PNB with the BACKWARD STEPS of “NEW DAY” NAYSAYERS and their supporters in “Pacifica Safety Net” who:COST PACIFICA A FORTUNE by shutting down WBAI in the middle of a fund drive seizing its bank accounts, and shutting down its fundraising websiteCOST PACIFICA ANOTHER FORTUNE by supporting two successive network-wide votes for undemocratic bylaws and expensive litigation to ram them throughOFFER NO FUNDRAISING PLANS…except mystery donors who will magically appear after New Day seizes power!

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