Some of the Arguments, there are lots more, about WBAI’s antenna on the Empire State Building


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<>May 4, 2021, 1:28 AM (8 days ago)

Here is the copy of the lease with ESRT

The assumptions that the revenue captured every year could meet the rising rent is where I would like to know what they were thinking.
Since one of the people has passed and the other one, Mr. Coughlin, has skin in the game and will not talk, we can only surmise about their MENTALITES as the French cultural theorists like to say.
My reasoning of the background to it has another factoid in the mix. The ESRT transmitter was the only game in town after 911.

On Monday, May 3, 2021, 11:55:50 PM EDT, <>wrote:

I think there needs to be clarity on what may have been the factors for signing the lease with Empire.
This regards the initial euphoria from the new bylaws.
First, there was a growth in revenue taken in after the battle to “re-take” the Foundation. Revenue rose and so did audience. That was true in the first years after the re-writing of the new bylaws.
Second, the people who seized control politically of the Foundation had been organized around a set of assumptions. They were valorizing without question the essence that the eclectiv and diverse programming that in their percpetion was the strength of the system should be preserved and its purity defended. They had been galvanized by the implementation by the PNB of the conclusions that the CPB reached after their fiscal crisis of the eighties. That was the need to develop strip programming and high levels of audience ratings to sustain themselves. 
The Healthy Station Project comes into that mix. The old PNB sought to take the lessons derived from insights such as what David Giovannoni reached.

The NATIONAL PROGRAMMING STRATEGY of 1992 is worth re-examining because what we are going through now is a evolution of those arguments in the present day battle over what the by laws should be or not be.

The actual numbers for WBAI were going up in terms of audience and revenue so that needs to be put into the mix in terms of looking at the agreement signed by the decision makers at that time. 
What began to alter the situation was the collapse of revenue the next year when there was a $500,000 dollar shortfall at WBAI. This is when the numbers started to decline in NYC.
How the board in all its factions had dealt with this since has been to me the most glaring example of their overall incompetence. That comment is directed to all the faction accolytes.
Because they were acting on the assumptions that all the grassroots programming was not to be questioned and valorized there has never been a honest examination of what was going on for the next 16-17 years. 
I would argue that coming in with the new PNB with the  new bylaws they were clueless as to the innards of how to manage a 21st century broadcasting entity. Posturing for “reevolution” foes not cut it when the numbers for listeners simply caved.
That is glaring when one looks at how far behind at key turning points in terms of digitization/social media Pacifica as a whole has been behind the eight ball ever since 2000. And the speed of that evolutuion as we all know has been at a lighting pace while Pacifica has moved and acted as a snail.
The PNB has always studiously ignored as a WHOLE the reasons why the revenue has collapsed for two decades because it would be forced to admit that the local programming in each signal has simply not performed with some exceptions.
So, the ESRT sword of damocles was always a known threat and without the Foundation as whole dealing with its root causes we are doomed to repeat it again and again.

On Monday, May 3, 2021, 02:30:44 AM EDT, <> wrote:

Without doubt.  I just question someone including that in the fundraising section of what purports to be a new plan.

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