from Kim, former Treasurer and Nat’l Board Mbr.


Excerpt: “

Kim KaufmanFeb 12, 2020·5 min read

An open letter to the proposed Transition Board Members who will be the sole Trustees for the Pacifica Foundation if the proposed new Bylaws are approved by the membership

[*2/13 update question #10]

February 12, 2020


To: Judy Graboyes, Bob King, Walter Riley, Norm Stockwell, Terri Burke, Mustafaa Carroll, Louis Vandenberg

I am writing you because you have all been chosen to be “Transition Board Members” as part of a set of completely reworked Bylaws for the Pacifica Foundation. These Bylaws will be voted on by the membership of all five Pacifica radio stations very soon and you are part of the package. If they are approved by the membership, you will become the new Directors of the Pacifica Foundation in a little over a month.

Here is a link to the proposed bylaws that includes short bios for you and other information: (Two of the original proposed Directors have withdrawn.) If these Bylaws are approved, you will have almost unlimited control to do whatever you want to Pacifica. However, we have heard nothing from you beyond the printed bios. One of the fears is that you will be puppets for the people who picked you, that you have been told you won’t have to do much and they will “advise” you.

I am a member of KPFK and I was on the KPFK local board, and was its Treasurer for several years, as well as on the national board. I have spoken with other members and former board members and we have some questions. We’d like to hear from you directly in order to inform us in the upcoming vote. I have set up a Facebook group called Pacifica’s Proposed New Bylaws where people can further discuss these issues and you can respond there and engage with the members directly. Since your new job will be so crucial to Pacifica’s future, it is critical that the membership hear from you directly.

1.      What is your understanding of the responsibilities and duties of Transition Board Member that you have committed to?2.      Some of you have full time jobs. How much of a time commitment do you expect this position will require? How much time can you commit to Pacifica should it require more time?3.      How much do you know about Pacifica? 4.      How much do you know about Pacifica’s current financial status?5.      It is possible that at the time of your seating, there will be no Executive Director or Chief Financial Officer. If that is the case, the elected board Chair among you is required to take over the ED position and the elected board Treasurer is required to take over the CFO position according to the new proposed Bylaws. Is someone prepared to take on these responsibilities if needed?6.      During this transition period you will be the only Trustees of the Pacifica Foundation and will be responsible for all the business of governance and oversight of Pacifica. None of you have radio or radio business experience, except for at community radio stations much smaller than Pacifica’s smallest station or other relevant skills. Pacifica has five financially troubled stations, plus its Archives and an Affiliates program. It is a very compl . . . "

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