I Tried Not To Be Partisan,


Version 2, by Sue Cohen Johnson and others

On Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 4:21 PM Sue Johnson <3rd1000yrs@gmail.com> wrote:
THE Lists and addresses and emails used to be sacrosanct to the stations; now, not only Pacifica National but New Day proponents have them and are using them to propagandize you for their agenda. There is a law providing for this in California, but they choose to use it against the existing workers/fighters.

‘California law says all members should be allowed to contact all other members.  Nobody is ever given the lists.  A mailing house that signs an agreement to keep the list confidential is used by a member or group to send out emails or snail mail to all members or to members of a particular station.  This is the law.  There’s nothing that can be done about it.  Court challenges protesting this have lost. 
Pacifica has to allow it because it’s in the Bylaws and has to pay for it.  It was proposed as a Bylaws Amendment to have the petition makers pay for the election but it failed, unfortunately..  But I think it will pass if it is proposed again, which doesn’t help now but would in the future. ‘

THEY all told us their plan to eliminate the station boards, and now they’re not telling us any differently. Their new by-laws provide for it. Their plan to have LSBs in the near term, doesn’t preclude their elimination in the future.
‘The New Day bylaws essentially get rid of the LSBs – they would only be able to do fund raising and membership drives.’ 

WE have 2 main problems: local and national board members and the ED did not come up through the ranks of the stations, and candidates for both boards and ED can’t reveal all about themselves on the air and on line. Villains reveal their prejudices and weaknesses in their own declarations, ‘hoist on their own petard’.
THEY want to hire an ED from outside Pacifica, That’s the opposite of what we should do. Up through the ranks.

THE reason we can never complete an audit is because KPFA always refuses to turn over their books to anyone including the auditors, under the same folks who are in New Day Pacifica. ‘Yes.’ 

THE last time we had National Development Director they wanted to directly fundraise from the stations listener-sponsors, and keep the money at National instead of the stations. With the money lies the power. They even wanted to have the local fundrive money go directly to them! ‘Yes.’ 
WHEN we had that Dev. Dir. We also had a National Program Director. All hiring and programming decisions at the National not the stations. ‘Yes.’ 

THE ED works free so she won’t have to be under scrutiny like an employee would.  ‘Yes.’ 

THERE ARE MANY ELITISTS among the endorsers and prospective National board members. ‘Yes.’

THE perennial treasurer of KPFA, its LSB and the Pacifica National Board, has even said, ‘When the Network vitally needs some money, ‘we’ have to take the money from somewhere in the network to pay that required money to protect the organization’. If KPFA or national want money, they just pass it back and forth without any process or due process. ‘Yes’. 
KPFA is in the hippie heaven/haven of the world. It was always lefty and the site of the Free Speech Movement of the 60’s. Those listeners take it for granted that they should support their lefty radio station. ‘Yes.’
Yes KPFA gives money to the rest of the network sometimes, doesn’t mean they are qualified to be the messiah of Pacifica. They are in a blue bubble and don’t pay enough attention to the rest of the country.

IT’S easy to balance the budget by laying off staff. ‘Yes.’  

PACIFICA RADIO ARCHIVES, it’s easy to bloom from small numbers when you don’t have digital and internet resources to count with, until you do have those resources. It’s a false comparison, apples and oranges.

FOR STRATEGIC PLAN, read Brainwashing Session. They are bunched together, separated from their workplaces, environmentally controlled, and the supposed leaders and supposed ‘experts’ have the charge to address and convince the workers.

THE new By-Laws at every point change the rules to eliminate any democracy, and their new process is almost impossible to revoke or make changes to. Please check the sites that narrate the differences between the old and new By-Laws. We will end up with only 7 hand-picked members of the National Board.

Existing By-Laws: https://pacifica.org/documents/bylaws_160721/Pacifica_Bylaws_Jan-1-2016.pdf

New Day By-Laws: https://newdaypacifica.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Proposed-New-Day-Pacifica-Bylaws-with-contents-on-p1.pdf

A Finance researcher of Pacifica https://kimkaufman.medium.com/an-open-letter-to-the-proposed-transition-board-members-who-will-be-the-sole-trustees-for-the-bc30bb891e6c

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